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#India -Do you know incentive and target based health services can be coercive ? #Vaw

Permanent sterilization-incentive based and target based health services: a glimpse from Rajasthan – Leena Uppal My elder sister in law was the one who suggested that I should go for female sterilization, if I get lucky I may win a motor… Continue Reading →

UP Govt announces target sterilization against National Policy # Coercion

  The UP Government announces sterilisation targets for Azamgarh District for the months Novermber and December:   According to the letter issued by the Chief Medical Officer (Azamgarh), dated 30.10.2012, number P.K. Camp/2012-2013/14896-03 The target for sterilisation announced for the… Continue Reading →

Man commits suicide after wife’s sterilization

Suchandana Gupta | Apr 27, 2012  BHOPAL: The sterilization fiasco in Madhya Pradesh refuses to die down. Lamenting the decision of making his wife undergo sterilization two months ago, a 35-year-old man, father of six daughters committed suicide in Betul district on Wednesday. His… Continue Reading →

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