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#India – Narendra Modi conspired to instigate Hindus post Godhra

29 June 2013, agencies     Zakia Jafri‘s lawyer on Saturday alleged before a court here that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had conspired to instigate Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers and other members of Hindu community after the Godhra train… Continue Reading →

Another Draconian Bill from Gujarat

  The Gujarat Government has done it again! On February 26th 2013, it tabled ‘The Gujarat Irrigation and Drainage Bill, 2013’ which seeks to make it compulsory for farmers to get a licence to draw water from a canal or ground well… Continue Reading →

In Gujarat What You See –is not What You Get #NarendraModi #Sundayreading

By Badri Raina, This is a story that beggars belief, and puts into the shade everything we have thus far known of Narendra Modi’s  prowess at chicanery and subterfuge. Indeed, had a report on this not appeared in so impeccable a… Continue Reading →

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