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#India -129 People Jailed for Protesting Against Kalpakkam Reactor #WTFnews

29 March, 2013 — In a bid to intimidate fenceline communities living around the Kalpakkam nuclear reactors, the Tamil Nadu Police has jailed 129 people of the 650 that were detained in wedding halls yesterday. Those detained were protesting to highlight… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Is India on the Path to become a Land of Serial Executions?

People’s Union for Civil Liberties                                                                      … Continue Reading →

#India #Nuclear – The ‘Koodankulam Conflict’ Map #mustread

Us Them Actors Fisherfolk, farmers, workers, Dalits, Muslims, women, children etc. Supporters in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and rest of India. Supporting political parties, Social movements, Human rights groups etc. Some sections of Media Some international friends Government of India Government… Continue Reading →

Koodankulam Crisis: HC instructs TN Police to ensure access to essential needs

By Newzfirst 3/22/12 CHENNAI – In a directive to the Tamil Nadu Police, the Madras High Court today ordered Police to ensure the uninterrupted access to basic amenities like electricity, food, milk and water for villagers protesting against Koodankulam nuclear… Continue Reading →

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