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Tamil Nadu -Health, education, or violence — new women’s policy doesn’t go deep enough

NPW 2021 is not based on any review of what has worked and not worked thus far for women in Tamil Nadu. And therefore, the pretense of starting on a clean state is simply befuddling. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2022 Padmini… Continue Reading →

MDG Report 2014: India among worst performers in poverty reduction, maternal death and sanitation

Author(s): Moushumi Sharma  Date:Jul 9, 2014 Report shows good progress in areas like poverty alleviation and access to clean water and controlling diseases like TB, Malaria Some MDG targets, such as increasing access to sanitation and reducing child and maternal mortality… Continue Reading →

Jaya pricks Gujarat model with sharp figures #NaMo #NOMOre_2014

Subodh Varma TIMES INSIGHT GROUP There is nobody more sharp and biting than an ex-friend, as Narendra Modi must have realized on Wednesday when Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa took him to task on the question of development of his state…. Continue Reading →

#Film – The Pain of Denied Justice – Gallows #deathpenalty #mustwatch

The revealing documentary how an innocent was framed into the case. The matter of denied justice and how media marginalizes this as a tamil issue, while it was an issue of miscarriage of justice and of national importance and pride…. Continue Reading →

Beachside troubles

Anupam Chakravartty [1] Issue Date: 2014-2-28 Ministry of Mines and Atomic Minerals Directorate move to curb illegal mining and export of beach sand minerals Last month the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD) demanded a separate body to regulate… Continue Reading →

#India – Bastar’s ugly secret: 9,000 girls have been trafficked in the past decade #Vaw

Last November, 60 tribal girls from Chhattisgarh were rescued from a factory in Tamil Nadu. The episode put the spotlight on Bastar’s ugly secret: 9,000 girls have been trafficked in the past decade PRIYANKA KAUSHAL 2014-02-08 , Issue 6 Volume… Continue Reading →

#India -Woman gang-raped by two groups on Christmas eve #Vaw #WTFnews

Bosco Dominique,TNN | Dec 26, 2013,   KARAIKAL: A 20-year-old woman was abducted by a gang of four people and was gang-raped by them in Karaikal on December 24. Within minutes after she was let off by the gang another gang of… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE- Experts Suggest Clean Ways out of TN’s Electricity Shortage

  14 December, 2013. CHENNAI     It is possible for Tamil Nadu to overcome the current electricity crisis in the near term without relying on controversial large centralised projects, said experts who addressed students at a seminar organised by… Continue Reading →

#India – Tamil Nadu tops in Preventive Detentions- NCRB Data #humanrights

By Sruthisagar Yamunan / R Prince Jebakumar | ENS – CHENNAI Published: 07th December 2013 07:14 AM   Tamil Nadu has the highest number of detenues in prisons, going by the data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for the year… Continue Reading →

#India – Tribal rights without benefits #mustread

Over 1.3 million tribals and forest dwellers have got rights over the land they had been using for years under the Forest Rights Act. This can, in some way, be called contemporary India’s largest land regime change—from the forest administration… Continue Reading →

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