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Fact finding Into Rape-Murder of CPI(M) Supporter #Vaw

Gana Mancha fact Finding Into Rape-Murder of CPI(M) Supporter   A seven-member delegation team from Ganamancha, comprising of representatives from all the constituents of Ganamancha – Amalendu Chowdhury, Chandrasmita Chowdhury and Archana Ghatak of CPI(ML) Liberation, Prasenjit Bose, Subhanil Chowdhury… Continue Reading →

Calcutta HC orders CID probe against Tapas Pal, Rape Remark #Vaw

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  Kolkata, July 28, 2014 The Calcutta high court ordered on Monday a court-monitored Criminal Investigation Department (CID) probe against Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal for his remarks in Choumaha village, West Bengal, that he would kill and… Continue Reading →

The Tapas Pal controversy: All you need to know #Vaw

Indrani Roy deconstructs the controversy over Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal controversial remarks on rape. When Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee became West Bengal chief minister in 2011, she had stated, “Bodla noy bodol chai(We want change, not revenge).” But quite a few members of her party conveniently chose to give her words a miss. We shuddered in the past as Anubrata Mondal (Birbhum district TMC president whose name figures in a murder first information report) on television inciting his partymen to throw bombs at the police. However, what TMC Member of Parliament Tapas Pal did surpasses any kind of political audacity that West Bengal in recent times has come to represent. Pal hit the headlines on Monday when a couple of regional channels aired video footage that has the MP threatening members of the opposition with rape and murder during a rally at Choumaha in Bengal’s Nadia district on June 14. In the Lok Sabha, Pal represents Krishnanagar, Nadia. What exactly did the MP say? Ekta kono CPI-M jodi amaar maa, bon, chacha, chachi karo gaye haat dey ei Tapas Pal chhere katha bolbe na. Tapas Pal nijer revolver bar kore guli kore diye chole jabe. Jene rakhben, bhalo kore jene rakhben, ami Chandannagarer maal… Ami Kolkatar maal noi, Chandannagarer maal. Rangbaji Tapas Paul korechhe. (If anybody from the CPI-M dares touch my mother, sister, uncle or aunt, then this Tapas Pal is not going to spare them. Tapas Pal will shoot them with his revolver. Remember, I am from Chandernagore. I am not from Kolkata. Tapas Pal too has been a tough). Ekta jodi kono birodhi aajke Trinamooler kono meye, kono baap, kono bachchar gaye haat dey, tader gushti ke ami jaa taa kore chole jabo. Amaar chheleder dhukiye debo rape kore chole jabe, rape kore chole jabe…. (If anyone from the opposition dares touch a daughter, father, child from Trinamool, I will do whatever I can to their entire clan. I will set my boys on them, they will rape them.) ‘I said raid, not rape’ Speaking to CNN IBN on Monday, however, Pal said he never used the word ‘rape’. He claimed to have said ‘raid’ instead. “I never said rape. I said raid. I said they should raid all the people and places, including the women and the old,” Pal told the television channel. He also claimed that the opposition was trying to defame him. Meanwhile, Pal’s wife Nandini on Tuesday apologised to the media on her husband’s behalf. Pal’s words have drawn protest waves across the country and many want him arrested. Can the TMC MP be arrested for what he said? According to (Retired) Justice Bhagabati Prasad Bandyopadhyay, he can be charged with inciting violence. Advocate and Congress leader Arunava Ghosh too is of the opinion that the TMC MP can be charged under Section 117 of the Indian Penal Code and can be put behind bars for provoking rape and murder. Who is Tapas Pal? The 1958-born Pal is a reputed actor from Kolkata. He debuted in the film Dadar Kirti directed by Tarun Majumdar in 1980. He received a Filmfare Award for his role in Saheb. In an acting career spanning over about 30 years, Pal’s roles in films like Bhalobasha Bhalobasha and Guru Dakshina earned him much critical acclaim. Pal shared screen space with Madhuri Dixit in a 1984-film Abodh directed by Hiren Nag. He joined the Trinamool Congress in 2000 and was elected a member of the legislative assembly from Alipore for two terms (2001-2006 and 2006-2009). He has been a member of Parliament from Krishnanagar since 2009. Personal life Pal’s personal life has been marred with controversies. He allegedly refused to take care of his mother and was even accused of throwing her out of their ancestral home. His wife Nandini once went public about his alleged illicit relations with a co-star. However, the couple is known to have buried the hatchet now. Their daughter Sohini, is one of the new faces Tollywood. When Pal supported Kunal Ghosh In late 2013, Pal, along with another actor-turned TMC MP Shatabdi Roy, was seen siding with jailed TMC MP Kunal Ghosh in a rally. There Ghosh was heard speaking against the state government with regard to the Saradha scam. As a result, both Pal and Roy drew the party leadership’s ire and it took the duo only 24 hours to do a volte face. India agog with criticism Criticisms against the TMC MP’s comments are pouring in from every corner…. Continue Reading →

President’s ‘dented painted’ son says, ‘Forgive Tapas Pal, mistakes happen’ #WTFnews

Sougata Mukhopadhyay,CNN-IBN Jul 03, 2014 at 05:46pm IST Kolkata: President Pranab Mukherjee’s son Abhijeet Mukherjee has defended Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal over his rape for revenge remark saying that he should be forgiven as he has tendered an apology. “Tapas… Continue Reading →

Press Release – Tapas pal should resign from Parliament and face Legal action #Vaw

Published on Monday, 30 June 2014 19:08 Written by Radical Socialist FIGHT THE PERSISTENCE OF POLITICAL RAPES AND THREATS OF THE SAME   Tapas Pal, film actor and in recent times a Trinamul Congress Member of Parliament, has reiterated openly… Continue Reading →

Press Statement: condemning comments by MP Tapas Pal on Rape #Vaw

Maitree is a non funded, autonomous women’s network of more than 40 organisations and individuals working for and with women’s rights; it has a diverse combination of autonomous groups, NGOS and individual activists. Apart from violence against women including women… Continue Reading →

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