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Temple Vs Mosque- : My loudspeaker versus your loudspeaker

Express investigation part-II: My loudspeaker versus your loudspeaker Written by Appu Esthose Suresh | Saharanpur/ Bijnor/ Moradabad | August 6, 2014   A temple and a mosque in Nehtaur, Bijnor, each with its own loudspeaker. There was a communal incident in the town… Continue Reading →

#India – A temple visit a day “fully dressed” keeps rapists away- MP Home Minister #WTFnews

PHEROZE L. VINCENT A temple visit a day “fully dressed” keeps rapists away, or so it would seem from what Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur has to say.   The 10-time MLA returned from a visit to Chennai apparently… Continue Reading →

#India – Self-styled sanyasi ‘bans’ Dalits from entering temple in HP #WTFnews

  Dailybhaskar.com   |  Dec 11, 2013, 12:29PM IST Shimla: A self-styled sanyasi based in Bilaspur town, 199 km in from Shimla, barred the Dalits from entering a temple. He put up a sign on the wall of Markandeya Temple which… Continue Reading →

#India – 45 Dalit women talk about daily humiliation at stake is DIGNITY ! #Vaw

At stake is the dignity of Dalit women Namita Bhandare, Hindustan Times October 11, 2013 The national conversation, dominated by temples, toilets, has no patience for stories of Dalit women who face humiliation daily. Given the measly media coverage, their… Continue Reading →

#India – Temple, Toilet and Sangh Politics #mustread

      Cartoon by Satish Acharaya  Guest Post by Ram Puniyani   After a long campaign the RSS combine succeeded in demolishing Babri Mosque on 6th December 1992. While Advani was the lead person in the whole phenomenon, there were… Continue Reading →

Shiv Sena-Narendra Modi’s ‘toilet before temple’ remark shows BJP unaware of his views

Indiatoday, October 5, 2013 | Narendra Modi said ‘Jai Jairam’ instead of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ which led to running around in BJP. The Shiv Sena on Saturday said that Narendra Modi’s “toilets first, temples later” remark show that the BJP is not… Continue Reading →

#India – Philosophical Letter from ‘ Burglar”stumps cops on heist trail #Robbery

T P Nijish, TNN | Nov 2, 2012, 05.21AM IST Read More:Temple Heist|Payyangattil Bhadrakali Temple MALAPPURAM: “The Bhagavathi doesn’t need gold ornaments; they would be useful for people like me. God exists in our minds, not in the sreekovil of a temple… Continue Reading →

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