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#India- In Custody: Five Years in Jail and Innocent #sedition #dissent #Prison #Justice

January 15, 2013,  By Michael Edison Hayden, Wall street journal, India  Roberto Schmidt/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images A man peeked through an opening of a door to a prison ward at the Tihar jail, New Delhi, April 26, 2012. This week, India… Continue Reading →

False Charges and Brutality in Prison: Mohd Amir Khan

June 15, 2012 Guest post by MOHD. AMIR KHAN at Kafila [ Mohd. Aamir Khan has spent 14 years in prison and was acquitted earlier this year] I am in deep pain today. As though terrible, terrible memories, locked away… Continue Reading →

The jails are full of Soni Soris

  Divya Trivedi, Hindu Women prisoners reveal the shocking conditions of their confinement –custodial violence, which has no sanction under law, is a part and parcel of the system Following a minor altercation with the warden in Ward No. 8… Continue Reading →

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