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Times of India (TOI ) indicted for fake contracts and denying journalists PF

Journalist crusades against top Indian newspaper for justice Published: 11:53 pm, December 17, 2013 Story By: mattersindia.com reporter Saji Thomas Bhopal: The Provident Fund (PF) department has indicted The Times of India (TOI) for engaging a journalist for nine years in the name… Continue Reading →

TOI’s foot-in-mouth rape coverage #mediaethics #Vaw #reporting

In its desire to give saturation coverage to such crimes, TOI led the way. But there were four oversights that ought to have been caught by alert editors. Politically correct terminology is not enough, says KALPANA SHARMA  in hoot.org On… Continue Reading →

#India – Why Narendra Modi behaves like larger-than-life Rambo

Economic Times, Kigshuk Nag, 28 Jun, 2013   Narendra Modi hasn’t formally studied economics or sociology, but he sure has intimate knowledge about the theory of expectations. In essence, the theory suggests that a person will decide to act in a way… Continue Reading →

Times of India #ILeadIndia #CSR #PR campaign is actually #ImisleadIndia

PICTURE COURTESY- FACEBOOK GROUP– I MISLEAD INDIA  https://www.facebook.com/IMisleadIndia  Editor Times of India Subject- I lead India Campaign Sir, Times of India  launched the ‘ I lead India ‘ campaign, with great fan fare on May 22, 2013 and which you claim… Continue Reading →

Demolitions and the English press

Slum demolitions don’t attract press coverage; building demolitions do. Because buildings, not slums, are where people like us live. Where does this empathy go when slums are being demolished, asks JYOTI PUNWANI Pix: Medha fasts Posted/Updated Thursday, May 16 15:12:21, 2013 HERE’S LOOKING… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi – Manual Scavenging is a Spiritual Experience #WTFnews

MAINSTREAM, VOL LI, NO 18, APRIL 20, 2013 On Modi’s Social Engineering Subhash Gatade   The system of untouchability has been a goldmine for the Hindus. This system affords 60 millions of untouchables to do the dirty work of scavenging… Continue Reading →

Demolition of illegal Mumbai flats: Why hit the innocent?

by Mahesh Vijapurkar Apr 26, 2013, Firstpost   There is this often narrated anecdote, surely apocryphal, where a mischievous student’s parent tells the teacher that the boy is sensitive. If he errs it would do if the next student is slapped and… Continue Reading →

#India – Why is #Aadhaar being shoved down our throats? #UID

  Why is Aadhaar being shoved down our throats?   by R Jagannathan Apr 15, 2013   Electoral logic is driving the UPA towards a patent illegality: forcing people to part with sensitive private information such as biometric data or finger-prints without… Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad -‘Tales of Tears’- a play on riots #Theatre

Angela shah, March 4, 2013 Saturday night I went to see a play called “Tales of Tears,” staged by a local group called “Apna Adda.” The story is about a man who is on trial for raping Muslim women during the 2002… Continue Reading →

Gujarat Cops don’t cooperate with women complainants: Activist

The Times of India, 15 March 2013 VADODARA: Days within the Supreme Court rapped the Punjab and Bihar police for their excesses on women, a city-based NGO has accused them of being insensitive towards cases of sexual harassment and domestic violence. Activist Trupti Shah, who runs… Continue Reading →

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