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On The Social Fabric In Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

18 May 2013  By Shivam Vij Narendra Modi; Pic Courtesy: in.com Narendra Modi’s phenomenal success story is indeed very interesting; how he shaped his political victories based on to ‘the aam aadmi’ welfare concept is the real catch. Secular intellectuals… Continue Reading →

Where Virginity Is For Sale in India #Vaw #devdasi

  By Joanna Sugden, http://blogs.wsj.com/ Joanna Sugden for The Wall Street Journal Bheemakka, 11, in ‘Bandhavi’, Koppal, Karnataka. In Koppal, an impoverished district in Karnataka, virginity is for sale. When girls dedicated in local temples under the illegal devadasi system… Continue Reading →

Marie Colvin Killed in Syria, and the Story She Paid With Her Life to Tell

Peter Bouckaert Published in:  The Daily Beast, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 She took to wearing a black patch over the eye she lost when shot in the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2001, and always seemed to have a notepad… Continue Reading →

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