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Protest by Omkeshwar Dam affected Oustees

ओम्कारेश्वर बांध : घोघलगाँव में प्रभावितों की सभा और आन्दोलन की घोषणा Posted by संघर्ष संवाद on शुक्रवार, मई 31, 2013 ओम्कारेश्वर परियोजना प्रभावित गांव घोघलगाँव में 30 मई को हजारों प्रभावितों ने रैली निकालकर आमसभा की. सभा में प्रभावितों… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE- WESTSIDE’s Anti-disability, Anti-wheelchair Policy Continues

  WESTSIDE’s Anti-disability, Anti-wheelchair Policy Continues   It is estimated that 15% of the population of India is disabled. A large chunk of them are wheelchair bound. Being bonafide citizens of the nation, it is the duty of the government… Continue Reading →

#India- Jammed Wheels #disability #rights

Outlook Magazine | Oct 29, 2012   Sanjay Rawat Disabled girl in a wheelchair crossing the road in New Delhi rights: disabled people Jammed Wheels Out in our streets, disabled people feel the pain everyday Neha Bhatt The Gaping Holes… Continue Reading →

TB screening for Indians seeking UK visa

HASAN SUROOR, The Hindu From August 16, Indians planning to travel to UK for more than six months will be screened for tuberculosis before they are given a visa under a pre-entry TB screening programme extended to India. However, the… Continue Reading →

The great unmentionable in disability politics #mustread

      RAHILA GUPTA , 31 July 2012    “I felt there was no space for me to express grief at my son’s disability”. The grief of those who care for people with a disability is betrayal of the Cause.  Rahila… Continue Reading →

Manufactured Shame- Guwahati Incident

    The telecast of a young girl’s molestation in the heart of Guwahati by a local news channel has jolted the nation’s consciousness. Ratnadip Choudhury exposes the sordid truth behind the horrific act Public outcry Youngsters protesting the horrific molestation that shook… Continue Reading →

FAQ -Copyright Amendment Act and impact on print Impaired persons

Some Frequently Asked Questions to the Amendment to the Copyright Act of India, 1957 and its Impact on Print Impaired Persons 1. Who benefits? All print impaired persons be they totally blind, low vision, learning disabled or orthopedically challenged in certain… Continue Reading →

Saranda Action Plan mockery for six villages

Jaideep Deogharia, TNN | May 18, 2012, NOAMUNDI (SARANDA): Patras Nag is probably the most educated man in Cherwalor village in Saranda. A village that is non-existent on the government revenue map along with five other has not seen any form of… Continue Reading →

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