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Jharkhand – Tribals being armed to fight Tribals #WTFnews

                                             “Tribals to be trained in guerrilla warfare to fight Maoists in state”      Stan Swamy The newspaper report goes on to spell out govt’s plan. Two special battalions comprising of youths from the primitive tribal groups in the state will be recruited and trained in advanced guerrilla warfare to fight the Maoists in the forests. They will help the security forces in anti-insurgency operations.  The reason for choosing these e tribal  youths is that they  are born and brought up in forest areas and are well aware of the surroundings and have the capability to survive in odd situations.   Following  important questions arise: (1) who are the ‘Maoists’ in Jharkhand? (2) who are the Adivasis? (3) who are the Primitive Tribal groups in Jharkhand and what is their present socio- economic condition? (4) what does the Supreme Court say?   (1) who are the ‘Maoists’ in Jharkhand? It is common knowledge that most so-called ‘maoists’ in Jharkhand are local Adivasis. Some of the top leadership may have come from outside the state but the cadres are mostly Adivasis and some Moolvasis. This can be proven by the fact that from 1st January to 30th June 2014, a span of six months, 243 persons were arrested in Jharkhand under the charge of being Maoists or helpers of Maoists. Of them, 186 (77%) are local Adivasis. In so- called  ‘encounters’,  more than… Continue Reading →

#India – Tribal communities mobilise to save ancient forests

Tribal communities fight development plans that threaten survival of celebrated Mahan forests in Madhya Pradesh state. Shuriah NiaziLast updated: 15 Jun 2014 Locals allege that environmental clearance was granted on the basis of a forged resolution [Shuriah Niazi/Al Jazeera] Singrauli, India… Continue Reading →

Dantewada tribals say no to polluting mine

NMDC’s plan for a new iron ore mine gets clearance from the Centre but runs into protesting locals in the Maoist-hit region. Priyanka Kaushal reports Priyanka Kaushal 2014-06-07 , Issue 23 Volume 11l   Stop mining 2,500 tribals protested outside the NMDC’s Kirandul… Continue Reading →

A parallel conversation: Martyrs, rebels, and peasants

ANUMEHA YADAV Anumeha YadavA performance during the shahaadat diwas in Chotanagpur region, Jharkhand, to honour Bakhtar Say and Mundal Singh. Anumeha Yadav Anumeha Yadav Anumeha Yadav The amicable relationship some villagers have with the Maoists, panchayat institutions, as well as… Continue Reading →

In Gujarat, tribal people get a raw deal #NOMOre_2014

    Sandeep Joshi, The Hindu   The BJP has been touting Gujarat as a development model that the party’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, can take credit for. But the State lags behind in safeguarding the rights of its… Continue Reading →

Telangana betrays its tribals

Author(s): M Suchitra Mar 15, 2014 |  Compromises on Polavaram; agrees to exclude villages facing submergence from new state People protest against the Polavaram project in V R Puram block in Khammam district. All 42 revenue villages in this block will be totally submerged… Continue Reading →

#India – Dont rob tribals, dalits of access to natural resources

Saturday, 08 February 2014 | MANAS JENA | in Bhubaneswar   Land, water, forest, mineral and air are natural gifts and every human being has natural right over these resources for a dignified life and livelihood but there are communities who… Continue Reading →

Gang Rape as ‘punishment’ is unheard of among Santhals #Vaw

TNN | Jan 25, 2014, KOLKATA: The news of the gang rape as a punishment in Birbhum district was the most horrific piece of news about atrocities of tribals against themselves. We’ve heard of inter-tribal conflicts but here was one of a Santhal woman… Continue Reading →

Giving Dalits their due

Social Welfare V.V. Krishnan Dalits and Adivasis protest for, among other things, full allocation of funds for the SCSP and the TSP, in New Delhi in 2012. Two draft Bills on the Tribal Sub-Plan and the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan raise hopes… Continue Reading →

Nannygate: Humiliation versus Exploitation

By Anand Teltumbde It has been over a week after Devyani Khobragade, Deputy Consul General (DCG) for Political, Economic, Commercial and Women’s Affairs was arrested and humiliated in New York on 12 December but the uproar in media is refusing… Continue Reading →

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