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Karnataka institutions target Sikh students wearing turban

A private school in Mangaluru has come under fire for reportedly denying admission to a six-year-old Sikh boy because he was wearing a `patka’ turban, while a college in Bengaluru is facing flak for asking a Sikh girl to remove… Continue Reading →

#Goodnews- Sikh man in Finland wins right to wear turban at work

pic courtesy- sikhsiyasat PTI | Feb 27, 2014, 0 LONDON: A Sikh bus driver in Finland has won a year-long legal battle with his employer to wear a turban at work. Gill Sukhdarshan Singh won the dispute against his employer Veolia Transport… Continue Reading →

Turban :The identity crisis in Sikhism #Sundayreading #photoessay

Turban :The identity crisis in Sikhism Prabhjot Singh Lotey The Turban, a unique tradition and symbol of Sikhism, the world’s fifth largest religion, boasting nearly 25 million adherents, is on a decline and vanishing from the lands of its origin…. Continue Reading →

Turban Legend- Shivaji underground in Bhimnagar- Shanta Gokhale #Sunday Reading

Turban legend SEPARATING THE BEST FROM THE BANAL ON MUMBAI’S CULTURESCAPE Mumbai Mirror The play is in Marathi, the title is in English. Marathi theatre loves this combo. But the title is not your innocuous All the Best or Lovebirds…. Continue Reading →

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