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Twitter officially loses immunity in India

By Vaidehi Gautam The IT Ministry of Indian Government stated in a court filing dated 5th July 2021, for the first time that Twitter no longer has immunity over user-generated content in India. The statement came in light citing the… Continue Reading →

Women in India Aren’t Safe on Twitter Either #Vaw #socialmedia

The sexual humiliation of the streets has moved online By Sonia Faleiro Every morning Nilanjana Roy, the Indian novelist, goes through the same routine in her New Delhi apartment: a few minutes of yoga and meditation, before turning on some Hindustani… Continue Reading →

The CIA’s cute first tweet can’t cover its bloody tracks

As the agency strives to craft a cuddly new image, we mustn’t allow it to whitewash its history of torture and murder Owen Jones, The Guardian, Sunday 8 June 2014 19.28 BST   ‘The world is still dealing with the consequences of… Continue Reading →

Right to Privacy – Social Media Offensive on Amrita Rai-Digvijay Singh

Prof Chaman Lal   Since 30th April 2014, there is a flood of activities on social media-intimate intimidating photographs of Amrita Rai-Digvijay Singh Congress leader have gone virile on twitter, face book, blogs and other social sites. I saw three… Continue Reading →

BJP asks Paksitani to vote – @BJP4India Twitter Spamming

BJP campaign amuses some Tweeple, but annoys others     Kim Arora,TNN | Apr 18, 2014, 05.48 AM IST   NEW DELHI: BJP IT cell’s latest digital campaign has left many on Twitter equal parts amused and annoyed with some users alleging… Continue Reading →

Expose – Modi’s Fakeness Quotient Increases by 3 – 27185 fake twitter followers

Those who follow exclusively Narendra Modi Pratik Sinha February 21, 2014 Back in the first week of December 2013, we exposed 10000 “made-to-order” fake twitter followers of Narendra Modi who follow ONLY Narendra Modi. These fake followers have never sent out a tweet, have… Continue Reading →

Sunanda Pushkar-Shashi Tharoor: A new age romance that ended in tragedy

Mail Today Bureau   |   Mail Today  |   New Delhi, January 18, 2014 |   File photo: Shahsi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar                         Sunanda Tharoor, the wife of junior HRD minister Shashi Tharoor, was found… Continue Reading →

Don’t Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode.

It’s been a bad week for women on the internet—but also a clarifying and validating one. British MP Stella Creasy began receiving rape threats on Twitter (in other news: fish are bonkers about water!) after expressing support for feminist activist… Continue Reading →

#India – #Feku vs #Pappu: 2013 -The year we subverted social media

We said bye-bye to a medium of happy anarchy. Increasingly popular social media faced the same threat as traditional media The National Front government of V.P. Singh is remembered for a set of caste-based reforms that set fire to the… Continue Reading →

Private Tech Companies Collecting Data on You and Selling Them to the Feds #social media #privacy #WTFnews

With a lot of help from the surveillance industry, Big Bro has already won the fight to watch all of us all the time — unless we decide to do something about it. October 8, 2013  |    By Pratap Chatterjee . … Continue Reading →

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