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India uranium mining fuels health crisis

By Sanjay Pandey | Al Jazeera 12Aug2014 Jadugoda, India – “They took away my land,” 35-year-old Agnu Murmu told Al Jazeera, days before he died. “I begged them to give me a small truck… but they gifted me with cancer.” Murmu, according to social… Continue Reading →

International Travelling Uranium Film festival (IUFF) 2014 reaches Bangalore

  IUFF 2014 reaches Bangalore   The on- going second edition of International Travelling Uranium Film festival (IUFF) 2014 now moves to Bangalore as a three day event from 11th April onwards. The festival will be inaugurated at Chokshy Hall of… Continue Reading →

India and Canada finalise conditions of nuclear deal

India‘s rapid economic expansion in recent years has resulted in a surge in demand for energy 7 November 2012 India and Canada have finalised the terms for their nuclear deal, paving the way for Canadian firms to export uranium to… Continue Reading →

CNDP Appeals To The Australian PM Against Uranium Export to India

  Dear Prime Minister, We urge you to reconsider the decision to supply uranium to India. This uranium will fuel the massive expansion of nuclear power programme that the Indian government is undemocratically pushing on poor people of India, criminally… Continue Reading →

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