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Stark Racial Divisions in Reactions to Ferguson Police Shooting

Blacks and whites have sharply different reactions to the police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Mo., and the protests and violence that followed. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to say that the shooting of Michael… Continue Reading →

White House tracking website visitors with online ‘fingerprinting’

Published time: July 23, 2014 22:51 A screenshot from whitehouse.gov I The White House is tracking visitors to its website, despite proudly promising that WhiteHouse.gov complies with federal privacy laws and does not use cookies. The AddThis tracker is present… Continue Reading →

Modi anti-visa pressure came from multiple sources

NARAYAN LAKSHMAN   U.S. Congressmen felt granting a visa to him would be contradictory to international law. TOPICS diplomacy India-United States international relations Lobbying by U.S. lawmakers, concern over extra-judicial deaths in Gujarat and the tenth anniversary of the 2002… Continue Reading →

Nobel Peace Laureates Slam Human Rights Watch’s Refusal to Cut Ties to U.S. Government

Human Rights Watch’s affiliation with ex-CIA and NATO officials generates perverse incentives and undermine its reputation for independence. Mairead Maguire et al. July 8, 2014  | In a May 12 letter published on AlterNet, two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and over 100… Continue Reading →

Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements The Pentagon is funding social science research to model risks of “social contagions” that could damage US strategic interests. Photograph: Jason Reed/REUTERS A US… Continue Reading →

Shubha Mudgal threatened in the US for her anti modi stance #WTFnews

By Bharati Dubey|Posted 07-Jun-2014   Just before her performance, an irate NRI verbally attacked Shubha Mudgal for her anti-Modi stance   Vocalist Shubha Mudgal, who is currently touring in the USA, was apparently threatened by a board member of the… Continue Reading →

Greenpeace USA’s new leader: ‘You don’t have to chain yourself to something’

From the Story of Stuff to heading Greenpeace USA, Annie Leonard, talks about the challenges of building the environment movement in America Annie Leonard, a veteran environmental campaigner, is taking over as the new head of Greenpeace USA. Photograph: Erin… Continue Reading →

Why and how we make election endorsements

The Economist explains Why and how we make election endorsements Jun 1st 2014, 23:50 by A.M. The Economist hopes that Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister, will reform his country’s economy and help his impoverished countrymen. But we did not support him… Continue Reading →

30 Murders by Firearm in England 2012 (equiv. 164), vs. 8,855 in US

By Juan Cole | May. 25, 2014 | By Juan Cole The mentally imbalanced individual who hunted down UC Santa Barbara students and knifed three and shot 6 of them to death, wounding with gunfire 7 more, on Saturday, used a semi-automatic handgun. The most… Continue Reading →

These 7 People Were Pardoned AFTER They Were Executed #AbolishDeathPenalty

CHRISTINA STERBENZ0MAY 19, 2014, 11.31 PM Screenshot via 9News Joe Arridy, executed in 1939 See Also Anatomy Of A Law School Collapse Brazil’s Internet Law: The Net Closes One Law Firm Is Asking Law Grads To PAY For The Chance… Continue Reading →

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