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Press Release- Narendra Modi what about actual policy about Farmers and Workers of Gujarat

ts PRESS RELEASE DATE: 20 May 2013      During ninth ‘Krishi Mahotsav of Gujarat’, Government of Gujarat, tried to fool farmers with false promises while during ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ they insulted Farm, Farming, Farmers, and Workers of Gujarat. We want clarification from “only… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Narendra Modi you need to reply to Permanent-Resident-Gujaratis (PRG)

PRESS RELEASE Mr. Narendrabhai Modi replied the questions raised by Non-Resident-Gujaratis (NRG) so we hope that Mr. Modi will also reply the questions of Permanent-Resident-Gujaratis (PRG). – Rohit Prajapati & Trupti Shah, Permanent-Resident-Gujaratis (PRG)   Rohit Prajapati and Trupti Shah Permanent-Resident-Gujaratis (PRG) 37 Patrakar Colony,  Tandalja… Continue Reading →

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