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Valentine’s Day: Gujarat – Bajrang Dal, VHP activists throw rotten tomatoes on couples #WTFnews

The HinduBajrang Dal activists burn an effigy representing Valentine’s Day during a protest in Hyderabad on Friday. Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists have been organising campaigns all over India to ‘educate’ students and others about obscene celebration of… Continue Reading →

FAQs-Who needs moral policing, how much and why? #mustread #Vaw #1billionrising #Valentinesday

, by Anjali Monteiro, K P Jayasankar Love in the time of moral policing The moral police are everywhere. Crawling out of the woodwork into our public spaces. In our legislative assemblies, in our board rooms, in court rooms, on the streets,… Continue Reading →

#India- women coming out on ‘ sexual Abuse ” #Vaw #Torture

Monday , December 24, 2012 at 10 : 55 ‘Nice Boobs‘ This is personal. It has to be. It must. This is the truth. It’s plain and simple. The way all truths are structured at the core, sans excuses. This… Continue Reading →

What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Many of the women who must rely on men for financial support are also subjected to their partners’ views on contraception.  Valentine’s Day has long celebrated love with caring notes, decadent chocolates, and romantic arrangements of flowers. But this Valentine’s… Continue Reading →

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