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Imran Masood and Varun Gandhi: the same dangerous species

MARCH 29, 2014 / SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN   Both are braggarts and cowards, writes Siddharth Varadarajan If the law has any sanctity, the Congress party’s candidate for Saharanpur, Imran Masood, who has now been arrested, ought to be speedily prosecuted for threatening to chop… Continue Reading →

ATTN DELHI- Protest Demo Against UP Custodial Death of Khalid Mujahid @May23 #mustshare

Khalid Mujahid: Yet Another Custodial Death of So Called “Terror Accused” in UP! In UP under SP Rule: Injustices To Muslim Victims of Witch-Hunt Continue Unabated while Communal Hate Mongerer Varun Gandhi Allowed To Go Scot Free! Demand Justice for… Continue Reading →

How Varun Gandhi silenced the system #hatespeech

After the hate speeches, a shocking subversion of the law. Rahul Kotiyal and Atul Chaurasia chronicle how BJP’s Varun Gandhi played dirty to save his political future Rahul Kotiyal Atul Chaurasia This is a story about a terrible travesty. Varun Gandhi, 33, has recently… Continue Reading →

Why hardline Hindutva is a national security issue

by Praveen Swami. First Post  Apr 2, 2013 #2002 Gujarat riots #BJP #Hindutva #HowThisWorks #Narendra Modi #Terrorism EmailPrintShareComments “The country should be taken over by the army”, railed Hindutva leader BL Sharma ‘Prem’ at a 26 January, 2008 meeting in Faridabad, near New Delhi. “It… Continue Reading →

Spew venom and enjoy life: Who scripted Mr Varun Gandhi’s release?

MARCH 7, 2013 by subhash gatade, kafila.org “This is not a hand (Congress symbol), it is the power of the lotus (BJP symbol). It will cut the head of… Jai Shri Ram,” a PTI report quoted Varun Gandhi (29) as telling… Continue Reading →

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