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What is the Science of Encounter Killings in the Saffron Lab

A magnificent piece of investigative film-making by Shubhradeep Chakravarty who tragically passed away just a few years after making this film and other hard hitting exposes of the regime that now rules India. Encountered on Saffron Agenda is a documentary… Continue Reading →

My rapist is now an advocate: Victim narrates the tale of horror #Vaw #WTFnews

Delhi, Hindustan Times   December 18, 2014 First Published: 08:50 IST(18/12/2014) | Last Updated: 14:11 IST(18/12/2014) I am waiting for the day when I’ll be a judge after clearing the Provisional Civil Services (PCS) exam. I am striving hard to realise… Continue Reading →

#Sundayreading – Indian Women Claiming Freedom from Violence and Fear #Vaw

Claiming Freedom From Violence And Fear: Kamayani Bali-Mahabal– Women Feature Service After the brutal gang rape of a young woman in December 2012 in New Delhi, following which she succumbed to her grievous injuries, there was a great upsurge of… Continue Reading →

#SundayReading – Violence, voices and visibility #socialmedia #mediaethics

BY LAXMI MURTHY What are the ethical implications surrounding graphic depictions of sexual violence in the media? On the morning of a hot day at the end of May, the thick branches of a mango tree in dusty Katra Sadatganj village… Continue Reading →

Gujarat’s CM celebrates women’s week while crime against women reach an all time high in Gujarat #Vaw

Nirjhari Sinha July 19, 2014 On July 18, 2014, Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel announced that 1st to 15th August 2014 will be celebrated as women empowerment weeks in Gujarat. Coincidentally, Gujarat State Human Rights Commission (GHRC) also tabled its report for… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE- Rengma Nagas in Assam vulnerable

PRESS RELEASE JUNE 27, 2014 DIPHU, KARBI ANGLONG, ASSAM   The Rengma Naga Students’ Union (RNSU), Karbi Anglong, Assam, recently visited the trouble torn areas of the Rengmas living in Karbi Anglong, to observe our 53rd Foundation Day on June 11, 2014, at Phentsero (Phancherop) Village under the Naga Rengma Mouza. We thank all individuals and organisations who supported us physically, morally and financially. However a number of issues have come to our attention, which need to be resolved at the earliest. The Rengma Nagas living in Assam started returning to their respective villages from March 2014 from the relief camps under Borpathar P.S. Nilip Block, where they were lodged since December, 2013, following attacks on them. The people were promised that the Govt. would provide ration, security and a normal life, based on which they went back home. Conversely, promises made based on demands made by Karbi and Naga civil bodies on January 14, 2014, have not been adhered to. First, however, we thank the Government of Assam for compensating the families of the six killed during the attacks—Rs. 3,00,000 per family. The Government also provided Rs. 22,800 and three bundles of CGI sheets to the families whose houses were burnt (barring two families in Borlangso) and properties damaged. The Government has sanctioned the construction of the PWD road from Bogamati to Richangari and from Chokihola block till Borlangso. As observed by us, the roads have not been properly constructed by the Contractors due to which basic amenities could not reach the affected areas, especially food and civil supplies, medical aid, house construction material etc. No primary health care units have been set up, badly affecting women and children. The doctor who accompanied us informed that many have contracted malaria, diarrhoea, jaundice, viral fevers, and a number of water borne diseases. Pregnant mothers are suffering. Children are going hungry and falling increasingly sick. This is a big threat to the Rengma population living in Assam. In search of food and shelter, a large population is going astray. While trying to survive the attack, people left their cattle, poultry, farming tools etc. behind and now there is nothing left with them this farming season to plough fields with. Granaries were burnt, and seeds have all been destroyed, particularly in Khowani, Chongilashunyu and Borlangso villages—the most affected. In the lack of farming tools, the upcoming years could pose a serious threat to the food security of the Rengma Nagas of Assam. The lower primary and ME schools are now occupied by State security forces, and schools have not been conducted in the past 6 months. Children, badly disturbed and affected by the violence, are unable to carry on with their education. Seriously viewing these circumstances, the RNSU makes the following demands that should be resolved by the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, Karbi Anglong district authorities, and the Government of Assam with immediate effect: Food and civil supplies to the violence affected Rengma people of Karbi Anglong for a year. Farming tools and seeds to be provided to the affected villagers by concerned government departments so people may begin cultivation within the ongoing agricultural season. Proper construction of PWD roads connecting the affected villages—no drains provided beside roads, no bridges have been constructed and sand graveling has not been done. A primary heath care unit to be set up in at least two areas—Jongpha and Phentsero (Phancherop). Provision of clean drinking water. State security forces to be moved out of school buildings, and be provided with separate camps. Infrastructure for provision of electricity to be set up—no electrification of Rengma villages in Karbi Anglong has been taken up till date. Mobile phone towers to be set up. While the RNSU looks forward to immediate Government action on these points, we appeal to all the Karbi civil bodies and human rights organisation of Karbi Anglong to initiate Karbi-Rengma peace talks during the month of July, 2014. The misunderstanding between the two tribes needs to be resolved at the earliest, restoring the bonds of brotherhood and peace. Without the support of the Karbi people and the other listed Sixth Schedule Tribes of Karbi Anglong, the Rengma people of Karbi Anglong will remain helpless onlookers to their plight and continue to remain vulnerable.     Phenpiga H. Rengma   Thangshi J. Rengma President, RNSU   General Secretary, RNSU Phenpiga H. Rengma President, RNSU # 91 943-592-2255

Press Release – A Daylight Massacre – TISS Report on violence in Baska , Assam

Student Social Workers at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati. are providing Psycho-social Support to the victims of targeted violence of May, 2014 at Khagrabari, Baksa (BTAD), Assam since 11th June, 2014 and shall continue for another 20 days. During… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Police thrash two runners training on city’s roads at night #WTFnews

Vijay V Singh Mumbai TNN Navy Employee And BPO Manager Claim Inspector Assaulted Them At Vikhroli Two sports enthusiasts, who were training at night for a marathon, were allegedly thrashed by a policeman early on Saturday and threatened with a… Continue Reading →

Toilets to curb rape is a misplaced argument #Vaw

Neha Dixit | June 11, 2014,  Picture for representational purpose (Photo: DC archives) The first time I ever had to get back to my car within five minutes of stepping out to cover an event was on April 7 this year…. Continue Reading →

#India – Religion, Feminist Politics And Muslim Women’s Rights

Zoya Hasan The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the strongest advocate of a uniform civil code while Muslim conservatives are among its strongest opponents. In these excerpts from the just released Women and Law – Critical Feminist Perspectives, edited by Kalpana Kannabiran… Continue Reading →

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