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Pune SWaCH Workers Protest, Wear Black Bands To Work

By: Isheeta Sharma Pune’s SWaCH workers are part of India’s first cooperative of waste pickers. They have been in place for 14 years working to provide a seamless process for segregated waste management in Pune. Covering 70% of the city… Continue Reading →

#India – Is having toilets a Mission Impossible ?

Mission possible Author(s): Jitendra  , Alok Gupta  , Sayantan Bera  Jan 31, 2014 |  The Centre gives India just about eight years to free its villages of open defecation. This seems unlikely. But the states of Sikkim, Haryana and Jharkhand in India, and Bangladesh and… Continue Reading →

Report reveals how untreated hospital waste is endangering New Delhi

By Neetu Chandra Government hospitals in the Capital are turning a blind eye to the hazards of bio-medical waste by either casually dumping the untreated waste despite expensive incinerators installed at the hospital or outsourcing the work to private agencies…. Continue Reading →

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