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When a bikini is ‘culturally insensitive’ and a private swimming pool in a school is not #mustread

Nivedita Menon  Published: Sat, Aug 10 2013. 12 06 AM IST, Livemint Illustration by Jayachandran/Mint Dear N, Something has been troubling me. In our school, a lot of people from the nearby village work as gardeners, housekeepers, maids and watchmen. Now,… Continue Reading →

Goa Cong to BJP – Apologise for proposing dance bars #WTFnews

August 12, 2013  I ANS  Goa, August 10, 2013: The Congress Saturday demanded that the ruling BJP should stop its plans of allowing dance bars in Goa, adding that the ruling party should also apologise to the public for making… Continue Reading →

#India- Recommendations to Maharashtra – SC Judgement on Dance Bars

In context of Supreme Court judgement on dance bars   We, the undersigned women’s organizations, welcome the Supreme Court judgment that declares the ban on dance bars as violating the Constitution of India. The Supreme Court in its judgment also… Continue Reading →

‘I can’t even cry anymore’: Annu Mukherjee, blinded in an acid attack #Vaw

Shalini Singh, Hindustan Times   July 24, 2013 I came to Delhi when I was three. My father was a lawyer and mother, a home-maker. My parents had decided that I should live with my childless aunt. I stayed with her in… Continue Reading →

Pakistan- Women stoned to death for having cell phone #Vaw #WTFnews

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Statement from the Asian Human Rights Commission PAKISTAN: A young woman stoned to death for having a cell phone after ruling by a Panchayat Arifa, a mother of two, has been stoned to death on the… Continue Reading →

Freedom of movement: dancing Egypt’s revolution

Morsi denounced dance and dancers alike. Conservative Islamic parties launched crackdowns. Will culture fare any better in the new Egypt? Judith Mackrell, guardian.co.uk The body politic … Egyptian girls dance at at festival. Photograph: Nariman El-Mofty/AP In the days since Egypt‘s President… Continue Reading →

#India – Every Move She Makes. They’ll Be Watching Her #moralpolicing #Vaw

Rising hemlines lead to rising TRPs. Aradhna Wal examines a commercial news industry committed to sleaze, to lechery and to shaming young women There’s something rotten in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. And it seems the Kannada and Telugu news channels have identified… Continue Reading →

#India – Dr Soonawala rape case in Mumbai shows how elite privilege works #Vaw

Illustration by Megha Roy Talukdar | Dev Kabir Malik Design Police conduct, elite reaction and the manner in which this story was reported illustrate how hard it is for a poor woman to accuse a privileged man of rape in… Continue Reading →

Pioneer of Women Studies Vina Mazumdar- A Personal Tribute #Feminist

Vol – XLVIII No. 25, June 22, 2013 | C P Sujaya , EPW A recollection of the varied contributions of Vina Mazumdar (1927-2013), one of the pioneers of both the women’s movement as well as women’s studies in India. C P Sujaya… Continue Reading →

Men, Women and Other People: Understanding Sexualities #Sundayreading

From left to right  ( Nine members of the research team ) – Hasina Khan , Kranti  ,  Shruti, Shalini Mahajan, Smriti Nevatia , Raj, Sabla , Meenu pandey, and Chayanika shah Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Women Feature Service  The concept… Continue Reading →

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