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#India – How a scholar spoilt Narendra Modi’s plan of global goodwill #mustread

  By Mitul Thakkar, ET Bureau | 5 Oct, 2013, 04.57AM IST     Bhattacharjee with Balachadi survivors RomanGutowski, Zbigniew Bartosz and Weislaw Stypula in Warsaw during her visit in 2004.   The Modi government wanted to showcase to the world… Continue Reading →

Capital Punishment: Dying Out but Still Killing #deathpenalty

Posted: 28/06/2013 , huffingtonpost It’s a loose comparison, but sometimes I think that people who get executed these days are like those killed right at the end of a war. Another day, another month … and they might survived. I say… Continue Reading →

Yellow Oscar for Indian film at Uranium Film Festival

A documentary on the people displaced by the coming up of Tarapur Atomic Power Station, India‘s first nuclear plant near Mumbai, has bagged the Yellow Oscar at the Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 27-minute documentary, titled “High… Continue Reading →

The draconian LBT: Local Body Tax explained

  ANANTHRAM RAO | 13/05/2013 , Moneylife.in LBT is a draconian Act, especially with key words like ‘goods’, ‘dealer’, ‘business’ loosely defined in the legislation, giving enough scope for the administrators to stretch their imagination to fanciful limits to the common man’s harassment and… Continue Reading →

Obama Deports Record Number of Immigrants, Using Scary Private GEO Group to Get the Job Done

The largest deportation prison in the U.S. is a former jail in the hyper-corrupt City of Adelanto, California, where public officials are often criminals. March 31, 2013  |  alternet This article was first published by Not Safe for Work Corporation. Last year,… Continue Reading →

Dirty Eleven Companies that Collaborated With the Nazis #mustread

written by Sam Greenspan I saw this article today; it’s about a controversy over the German insurance company Allianz buying the naming rights to the new New York Giants and Jets football stadium. That’s controversial because Allianz has very famous Nazi ties… Continue Reading →

Death Penalty -Brings out basal instincts of a society

  Irfan Engineer, Dec 1, 2012:Deccan Herald       The march of history has been from more brutal and violent societies to more humane, inclusive and less violent societies; and from authoritarian to democratic states. The objective of punishment… Continue Reading →

#America Acts Like It Owns the World- #Noam Chomsky

  By Noam Chomsky, Democracy Now!   28 October 12         n the week when President Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney debated issues of foreign policy and the economy, we turn to world-renowned political dissident,… Continue Reading →

When war passes for foreign policy #Psainath

October 25, 2012 P. Sainath 25THWar In the last Obama-Romney debate, there was absolutely no mention of the financial costs, casualties and lessons from America’s military outings “Take the profit out of war,” said Kevin Zeese, one of the more… Continue Reading →

#RIP Eric Hobsbawm: a talented historian who outshone his Marxist ideology

      Oliver Kamm Eric Hobsbawm, the Marxist historian, died this morning, aged 95. I’ve written critically in the past about Hobsbawm’s politics and their influence on his writings about the 20th century. In the last conversation I had… Continue Reading →

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