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India’s digital divide: From bad to worse?

February 16, 2023 Oxfam’s India Inequality report 2022 reveals the extent of the digital divide in the country and how it impacts access to education, healthcare, and financial service for marginalised communities. The India Inequality Report 2022: Digital Divide by Oxfam sheds some light… Continue Reading →

The rise of India’s dystopian surveillance state

With protests under constant surveillance, Modi’s massive facial recognition system is making it easier to crack down on minorities and political opponents. Aparajita Ghosh October 14, 2022 Embed from Getty Imageshttps://embed.gettyimages.com/embed/1240716221?et=Csz0Q8oESz1ko_KYhhrZFQ&tld=com&sig=nu-zyFiP4WNB2j0TRLCLUUK_rq2VXSWFxnYmfZCTnXU=&caption=true&ver=2 A few months after Narendra Modi was re-elected in… Continue Reading →

Why India’s landmark abortion ruling could echo around the world

Opinion by Shreya Shree, Gauri Pillai –  On September 29, the Indian Supreme Court delivered a crucial decision which holds the promise of actually leading to the reproductive autonomy of Indian women, in particular through access to abortion.FILE – A woman… Continue Reading →

My Website kractivist.org under Attack

Hi Friends You must have wondered where are my daily posts, My website is is under attack by some bots to take it down. There are some IPs attacking my server,distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack to keep it down. I am… Continue Reading →

War in Ukraine a Windfall for Weapons Industry

Russia’s deadly assault on Ukraine is a bonanza for arms manufacturers, which are lined up to profit as the United States and its allies increase military spending in an effort to bolster Kyiv’s forces. “The spiraling conflict over Ukraine dramatizes the… Continue Reading →

An Investigation into Facebook, Jio and BJP’s Eyeball Politics

Facebook allowed a company owned by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio Group to promote BJP in several election campaigns through surrogate advertisements, found The Reporters’ Collective in its investigation. These advertisements lit the fuse of anti-Muslim sentiments, tommy-gunned BJP’s opponents and critics through… Continue Reading →

Accept 4 truths to counter BJP hegemony. They offer a formula to reclaim republic in 2024

The BJP may enjoy ideological dominance today, but counter-hegemonic politics has deeper cultural resources. If we are determined and intelligent, we shall win. YOGENDRA YADAV It feels like a powerful gut punch,” read one of the many messages I received… Continue Reading →

Smartphones are taboo for some girls in India. That’s bad news for their future

March 8, 2022 KAMALA THIAGARAJAN A teen girl with a smart phone in Kolkata, India, photographed in April 2020 during the government-imposed lockdown. Schools pivoted to virtual learning, which shut out many students — especially girls in low-income communities —… Continue Reading →

How the Baghjan Gas Leak Revealed the Ugly Nature of Extractive Presence in Assam

Source: The Economic Times Baghjan, Assam saw black clouds forced into the sky following a devastating gas well blowout. The 2020 Assam gas and oil leak, also referred to as the Baghjan gas leak, is a natural gas blowout that… Continue Reading →

Improved Child Sex Ratio – Why we need to question NFHS Data

Is it time to celebrate India’s ‘improved’ sex ratio? Reasons to question NFHS data By Aditi Chaudhary*  The recently published National Family Health Survey (NFHS) factsheet brought cheers amongst the public and the government. With Child Sex ratio (number of… Continue Reading →

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