Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal’s judicial remand was Saturday extended by a further 10 days by a magistrate here

Tejpal, who has spent more than a month cumulatively in police and judicial custody, was presented before a court of a judicial magistrate.

Tarun Tejpal
Tarun Tejpal

His defence argued that Tejpal should be released on bail because police had not shown any interest in questioning him during his tenure in judicial lock-up.

The prosecution, however, claimed that Tejpal should be in custody until the entire investigation is completed.

Tejpal, arrested Nov 30, has now spent Christmas as well as the New Year as prisoner number 624 at the Sada sub jail in the port town of Vasco, around 35 km from here.

He was arrested Nov 30 after a junior colleague accused him of sexual assault during Thinkfest, a conference organised by Tejpal and his team at a Goa resort.