6,000 SMSes and WhatsApp messages exchanged between Pachauri and the complainant between September 2013 and February 2015.
New Delhi:
IN THE DOCK Document, which is being scrutinised by the prosecution branch of Delhi Police prior to its filing, concludes that climate scientist `misused his office’ as DG of Teri and there is `enough evidence to prosecute‘ him
Delhi Police has prepared a chargesheet holding climate scientist RK Pachauri guilty of outraging the modesty of a woman, sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation after a year-long investigation during which witnesses were questioned and phone communication details were examined.The 500-page document, which ET has seen, is being scrutinised by the prosecution branch of Delhi Police prior to its filing. It concludes that Pachauri “misused his office“ as director general of The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) and that there is “enough evidence to prosecute“ him. Pachauri, 75, is set to be charged under all four sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) he was booked under by Delhi Police almost exactly a year back, as first reported by ET on February 18, 2015. This followed the complaint of a woman researcher at Teri, who has since quit the organisation. The relevant sec tions are 354, 354A, 354D and 506.

The document said Pachauri made 34 calls to the complainant from his mobile phone between February 2014 and March 2015, while the complainant called him 26 times. The document also gave details of more than 6,000 SMSes and WhatsApp messages exchanged between Pachauri and the complainant between September 2013 and February 2015. The police were only able to access Pachauri’s phone records for the preceding year -February 2014 to March 2015.

The police investigation has rejected Pachauri’s contention that his electronic devices had been “hacked“ by unidentified persons but a Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report in this regard is awaited. The police may not wait for the report to file the chargesheet, top officials told ET. The FSL report may be filed in a supplementary chargesheet when it’s received. The phone submitted by Pachauri for examination was opened up by lab experts in November, said the people cited above.

The statement given by the complainant to the police under Section 161 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that a day before she was to officially join Pachauri’s office, she allegedly received an SMS from him (on September 3, 2013) that read: “From now onwards I shall call you LIFE: Lovely Inspiration of Excessive Fondness.“

Shortly after that, she started receiving sexually loaded jokes and poems from Pachauri on a daily basis.

Her statement added: “I feel completely used at the hands of Dr.Pachauri. I feel as though he has used me as a means of amusement to him and only an object of his desire. He assaulted and violated my modesty and body, on multiple occasions, through unwanted acts of grabbing, hugging, groping, touching and forcefully kissing me within and outside the workplace despite my fervent pleas and requests not to indulge in such behaviour with me despite my clear and unambiguous refusals.“

She went on to say: “I do not wish any other woman or even a human being to be inflicted with what I have been subjected to at the hands of Dr. Pachauri.“