It is not only Arun Ferreira who has been arrested released and again Rearrested outside the Nagpur Jail. While, we are happy Arun Ferreira is out on Bail, finally an free man, but there are many like him who are behind bars, unknown to Media, Unknown to people.

Adv Surendra Gadling here narrates about one such a Case, who has been re arrested THREE TIMES before being released finally

Vikram alias  mallesh Kushwah r/o Surat , a powerloowas arrested in August 2004 in  Umred district.
Nagpur and was slapped  with 11 cases, 1 at Umred district , Nagpur (discharged) ,5 at bhandara  ( acquitted) 1 at Sakoli ( acquitted), 3 at Gadchiroli ( in 2 acquitted  in 1 discharged), 1 at Rajura Dist. Chandrapur in which he got bail

Adv Surendra Gadling had served jail authority with Vikram’s release warrant  after three years of imprisonment on 26/09/07 , but he was released only on 29/09/07 at about 6 pm. He was immediately Rearrested, in the same way as Arun Ferreira, was rearerste din Septemebr Last year.

It has happened several times in Vidarbha that the moment accused comes out  of Jail after be acquitted or discharged , The police  re -arrest them at jail gate only.  We were at Jail Premises frm 27th September to 29 th September  from 11am- 9pm, but of no avail.

“On 29 when I was at central jail premises I found some people in civil dress alighted from Maruti  Gypsy having yellow coloured lights.  I suspected them to be cops.  After sometime the  Jail judicial branch personnel came out and spoke to those people. I overheard their conversation” , said Adv Gadling , adding that the  person  who alighted from the Gypsy  inquired about Vikram’ s release and also expressed their intention to Rearrest  Vikram. After sometime  some more vehicles and police men came they were around 30 to 40 in number. “ Sensing irregularities and  illegalities to take place on his release I had lodged complaint with  Superintendent of Police  in Jail and Police Inspector at Dhantoli Police Station  in whose jurisdiction jail comes but of no avail.”

At about 6 pm Vikram was released and at gate only he was rearrested .Vikram shouted at them, and he asked them their identity and purpose of his being taken into custody   I also tried to convince them.  But they forcibly threw me and threw Vikram in Gypsy and rest the PHOTOGRAPHS speak for themselves . The inmates of Nagpur prison including Arun Ferreira and others went for 27 days strike for the rearrest.

Again he was released and rearrested in April 2008 outside  Nagpur prison,  and then he was taken to Bhandra prison where again he was acquitted of charges but re arrested in April 2008, finally he was released in Februray  2010.

We are still fighting for  release of many such prisoners , who are behind barsd on fabricated cases and charges  and we want all of you to join for the freedom of all political Prisoners