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A journalism lecturer, S Manikandan, employed with the Dubai campus of Manipal University till January 2012 was recently arrested by the Dubai police for blogging defamatory content against the institution after he was asked to leave the job. The arrest was made based on a complaint by another employee of the institute. Manikandan was arrested on May 5 when he flew to Dubai on a business visa. He was kept in police custody for over 15 hours.”He was granted bail and his passport, which was earlier held back, was returned after the Indian Consulate intervened. He will have to deal with the case here now. The institution is trying to force him to withdraw the case he has filed against them in India,” said Manikandan’s wife Salome from Dubai.

Manikandan had joined the Dubai Campus as a senior lecturer in the Department of Media & Communication in August 2008. He was suddenly asked to leave in January 2012 by the institute’s director Dr B Ramjee. Manikandan claims in his blog that his employer had renewed his visa for three years in October 2011.

In the termination letter dated January 31, 2012, after praising Manikandan’s scholarship, Ramjee cited “structural reorganisation” and said that his services would not be required. Manikandan contested the termination in a Dubai court that rules in his favour, granting him end of service benefits.

The lecturer returned to India and posted his version of events that led to his termination of service on his blog. He took up the matter with the Union HRD ministry and the UGC and questioned the legal basis of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, a deemed varsity in Karnataka, setting up an offshore campus. He also filed a writ petition against the institute in the Karnataka High Court last year.

The corporate communications officials at Manipal said that they were unable to reach the Dubai campus authorities for comment.


TIMELINE OF THE CASE : January 31 – July 31, 2012 

As I have taken the Oath to seek justice at any cost and bring the corrupt to bow down under the law, the only option available with me is to expose everything. When you dig a graveyard, obviously more skeletons will come out and the surprise for the public………..

UGC Website information: Manipal University Dubai Campus do not have approval for the abroad (Off-shore) Campus from the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Developement and University Grants Commission.

I am no more surprised as it is clear now after digging and finding out the character of the individuals who were responsible for the inhuman attitude and behavior. The Government authorities and the institutions responsible to take action will be exposed soon if they refuse to act on the complaints. The individuals who are in the position and have the power should know how to be responsible or else someone has to pay the price.

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The  various levels of institutional manipulation of attendance records, have been mentioned in his blog.

To quote him

The next rule which is regularly violated is the attendance. As per the college rules and guidelines provided in the document, every student must have 80% attendance in each course paper. But every semester, we decide in the department meeting to reduce the cut-off to 70% or even less than 65% and further to the height of it, every student will bring in different influences to allow them with lesser attendance % than on what was decided. Those individual cases will be decided by the Chairperson and often they force us to allow and change the internal marks. Here is one more sample document to show how every time after giving final internal marks it is changed by putting whitener and counter signing by the faculties. Zero marks will be changed to 25 to 35 immediately without any reason. It is a standard procedure and the protocol is often followed by the great Sabir and Joseph. It was very funny, I don’t know how to laugh? When many of the students having less than 60% attendance were allowed to write examination and why is that some of them were targeted and stopped from writing the external examination.”
And also from this post let me quote: “All that I have seen, heard and done was nothing but a corrupt practices by changing the attendance percentage, giving unacceptable marks and grades without any work and logic in it. I was taught not to get emotional on the issues of spoiling the student’s life. The parents send their ward to college in a stage were they hope their children will be moulded into a proper adult to hold responsibility and become a good citizen to lead a dignified life.
All those students who come with fresh hopes to grow and eager to learn ends up in a bad shape by seeing the wrong practices and improper guidance by the selfish persons (teachers and management) who destroys not only the values and morals but literally affect the entire perception of the students for the rest of their life. Without attending classes properly and not doing any assignments you can get away by paying fees and fines, write the examination to get the degree. When it comes to examination, even blank empty papers get marks. Students are surprised and happy to know that without writing anything you get 70 or 80 marks. Even if you score less than 60 marks it can be graded as ‘A’ – surprise, Isn’t it? Again, I am not making any wild allegations. I worked here and I have seen enough of it. I will prove it with records and let the people understand and explain it.”
And I have to give this guy some credit, he has some guts! Look at what he says here:
“The Director said, “I don’t like threats”, Yes, I do….. but as he tried to threaten me, now it is my turn. Let me put it straight and clear. What can you do if I campaign against your University for the rest of my life? Nothing…..You may not give a damn about me. You might think, I am Mad, I can not do anything. But you are wrong.”


The Students in Manipal and in the Media department are affected by the arbitrary decisions made by different people. The management do not care for any quality in education. They just need more money (income) from the abroad campuses.

Q&A: Anand Sudarshan, CEO, Manipal Education
’60% of our revenue comes from abroad’
Praveen Bose / Jan 10, 2011, 00:22 IST

This is not targeted towards Anand Sudarshan but i would like to know from him. As a MD & CEO of Manipal Education Group, How do you justify the act of my termination? I am going to write to each and everyone with regard to my case.  I will fight for the justice till the end.  I was asking for an answer from him through social media and posting comments on the articles related to the business of Manipal. Of course, he can not answer because Manipal is now caught red hand in corruption and not able to accept the reality. Careers 360

Read this article – Just a sample to show how the corporate world type of business in education is leading us into disaster.  Profit is the only motive or mantra to attract the investors and stakeholders.  Even in the corporate type of companies, talented, intelligent and hard-working people are retained and merit is given priority and not reservation and recommendation. But here, I really wonder how do they justify the act of retaining scumbag and then calling everyone as donkeys and asses? When there is a shortage in quality of faculties, infrastructure and sub-standard procedure and evaluation system, why this show business? One day or the other you all will pay for your crimes. Till then enjoy it.

Let me go ahead with the story of what happened during the last year and how the students were cheated and management also ended up loosing money and business.

June 2011: We were informed about the entire course syllabus being changed. From September 2011 new syllabus for Bachelor Degree in Media & Communication is going to be introduced and visual communication specialization is completely removed with a new one Graphics & Animation. I was told that I have a big role to play since no one else can handle that specialization except me.  I was forced to suggest course papers and approve his decision as if I am an expert in the field.  When there was no need to completely restructure the syllabus (since it was done only few years ago) and I saw a clear sign of destruction in it.  Even with regard to the earlier syllabus which had too many discrepancies and errors in the course division of theory and practical part. It took a long time to correct the errors and fix it in the main document.  No one ever cared or bothered about it in the department.  I kept pointing it out from the beginning and I asked the previous Chair to rectify it as and when possible and for that itself it took almost two years to set it right of the minor restructuring of old syllabus which was done in the year 2008.  I was not even there in the scene at that time.  For all those errors those who worked in the department from the beginning should be held responsible.  So, It looked as if I alone care for the quality education system in the department and everyone is busy in their own interest.

Now, the entire course has been tarnished by jumbling the papers to different semesters, removing certain core papers, changing the credits, increasing and decreasing the credits in each semester destroying the uniformity and cross linking main course papers and setting mandatory requirements.  Apart from the entire course revision, there is no syllabus brief and course outline, no textbook and reference material provided to the courses.  All this was done without any opinion and suggestion from subject experts or panel member consultation.  He is a real smart guy in taking revenge. He planned it in such a way that no one will doubt his integrity and commitment towards the work.  When all of them remained silent, I asked him, right in front of everyone in the department. Why do you want to change the entire syllabus? and What if the new Chair doesn’t like the changes you want to make since you are not going to be here?

He smiled and said, No one can change it for the next three years since I got the Board of Studies approval from Manipal in India.  I was informed and advised by my two elder (sister) colleagues in the department to remain silent and not to create any further problem and fight with him.  I was indirectly threatened and advised by the colleagues to keep my mouth shut.  Everyone in the department know that he is going to Canada on Immigration and not going to come back. I know, why restructuring the course syllabus is going to affect the department. According to KHDA instructions and requirements, branch campus can not run the courses in their own way. They have to follow the Main Campus course structure and there should not be huge difference and deviation in it.  If any course is not offered in India it should not be conducted over here. Hence, the Fashion department which was considered as a flagship program of Manipal Dubai Campus has been forced to close down the business. It is going to happen to the Media & Communication Department as well in a short period. Congratulations! Great to know that and happy to hear it. Let us wait for that day.

May 2011: The Students got confused and many of them were targeted by the Chair who went on an ego trip without understanding the procedure and structure of the evaluation system. First, he got confused on what he was saying and then started to confuse others and the students. For the first time, the final year students were totally upset to hear it and they don’t know what to do? Some of them came to me worried and asked whether they will be able to graduate.  As RNS said to them, those who have D+ or D grade in any of the course papers will not be able to qualify for graduation and they have to improve the grade to C by reappearing for the particular papers.  Then he went on to say, You all need to get a pass mark in the internal assessment. Those who have less than 25 out of 50 marks will not be able to clear the paper. It may sound correct but there is no logic in it.  For these many years students who were getting less than 20 easily cleared the paper successfully with C and C+ grade.  One example, to show how arrogant and stupid he was in denying the facts and what he was doing these many years? being a senior most faculty. His own property specialization of Television students final internal marks is provided here to show to everyone how these students cleared the course papers and got their degrees.  Later on, he tried to argue and order me to follow his stupid orders without questioning.  As if I was not aware of the internal and external evaluation, he gave me instructions about what should I do? and how to evaluate and run the course by involving in corrupt practices? I don’t listen to any idiots and I ignored his ramblings, for which I was taken to the Director (ginger eaten monkey) who doesn’t know (pretends to be aware of everything) what is happening?

Let the great RNS or the Director explain how these students who got less than 25 marks in different course papers passed. I tried to explain and show all the facts and he was not ready to listen anything from me. Just like that ignored me and went on to question about my integrity and how can I fail so many students. When I asked who said, they are failed. First let him allow the students to write the examination.  I said, if this is how you want me to work, fine go ahead let him add more marks to all the students.  For that again, the ginger eaten monkey refused to agree saying, How can you justify? (What moral is there to justify in this college) RNS went ahead to defend himself by blaming me since I strip teased him right there by saying, You were in the department from the beginning and you don’t know the procedure and you want me to show the records. Can you explain how students who got less internal marks were able to pass in the past.  I can show you the records in our department, students who got zero internal marks have cleared the paper. He got frustrated and upset, started to shout and lost control so the ginger eaten monkey told me to make a decision right there and I said, I will stick to my position and I am not willing to manipulate anything.  Both of them were disturbed by my firm stand and the meeting ended with an indirect warning message saying, I appointed him as the Chair, so you better learn to listen and obey his order to remain in the department.  He said, I know you can understand my statement if you wish to stay and look forward. I will accept only his evaluation and report on the performance appraisal.

I was so sure that even this time (as it was the third time in a short period of three months) he is going to listen to me and most probably going to dismiss me from the services.  I didn’t reacted initially but later I went on to point my finger towards the Director and said, even if you scream at me like how RNS did with me in front of the students, I will not tolerate and no body has any right to do that. When I am doing my job properly and with utmost care, I don’t have to listen to anyone for any suggestion.  I remained silent when RNS shouted at me since I never wanted to disrespect him in front of the students and I understood his psychic very well and I was able to handle the situation by making him more upset.

I  know my position and about what I am doing in my course and no body has to teach me how to run the courses?  What ever I did was part of a proper course evaluation and assessment. It is for the betterment of the students and of the Institution.  So, they have to learn to respect and earn the degree.  Not by any other means and I often use to strongly criticize some of the students who never attend the class but at the end come and ask for attendance % to write the exam.  Without doing any work or taking any test, how can I give internal marks? and what are you trying to say? Are we selling degrees? In that case, why don’t you go and ask the accounts department to issue a Degree Certificate when you pay the fees.

The argument was because I failed more than 20 students in the Internal marks. i.e. I gave less than 25 marks out of 50 in the Principles of Media Management subject handled by me for the fourth semester students.  The total number of students in the Class were more than 55 and almost all those who did the assignments, presentations and class test scored good marks.  It was those students who had less attendance percentage and those who skipped the test and assignment got lesser marks.  And the beauty in this, there is no rule or process to declare those who got less marks in the internal evaluation are considered fail. They have the external examination and of course all the students who got lesser marks can pass the examination without any problem. All students have to sign and accept the internal marks before external examination. When no students, came to me complaining about it and those who tried with RNS wanted to get some marks in the internal so that they can justify they can appear for examination in spite of having less attendance percentage. (Almost 98% of the students passed in this subject)

The next rule which is regularly violated is the attendance. As per the college rules and guidelines provided in the document, every student must have 80% attendance in each course paper. But every semester, we decide in the department meeting to reduce the cut-off to 70% or even less than 65% and further to the height of it, every student will bring in different influences to allow them with lesser attendance % than on what was decided.  Those individual cases will be decided by the Chairperson and often they force us to allow and change the internal marks. Here is one more sample document to show how every time after giving final internal marks it is changed by putting whitener and counter signing by the faculties. Zero marks will be changed to 25 to 35 immediately without any reason. It is a standard procedure and the protocol is often followed by the great Sabir and Joseph. It was very funny, I don’t know how to laugh? When many of the students having less than 60% attendance were allowed to write examination and why is that some of them were targeted and stopped from writing the external examination.

This is why I get upset when different rule and yardstick is applied in discriminating the students? For all those students who want to know their rights and fight for justice, it is time to question the authorities. Some of the students were stopped in my course paper also giving reason of less attendance % by RNS.  I made it very clear to him. If you are going to stop those who have less attendance it should be applied across the board and no selective targeting.  I have no reservation and let all the students appear irrespective of attendance since we are not in any way following the rules and regulations. But, what he did was …….. I don’t know how to say that? If those students who come to know this will definitely get very angry for being exploited and asked to pay more fees again.

They were not actually stopped from writing the examination. But instead of it, they were registered for the examination without their knowledge for which they have to pay the fees later on. They were given Hall ticket in which it was mentioned as “Not Eligible” to write the paper. This means, they have to repeat the course by paying the full course fees (AED 5000) and attend the class as a regular student and get fresh Internal Marks to appear for the examination next year when the semester is on.  In this manner, more students were targeted and I came to know about it through one of the final year student who came to me crying that he was stopped from writing the final semester by RNS. Though he tried is level best by bringing his father to ask him to allow to write the examination. (Poor guy, he didn’t know that bringing his mother would have solved the problem) As some of the students managed to get away some got trapped. I was not able to believe it since we never use to stop any final semester students irrespective of their attendance % and the records will speak how low standard Manipal has and in terms of providing quality education.  Those who have not attended even 30% of the class were also allowed in the past and this time, the student was not allowed for reason known to him alone.  When I cross-checked with the examination cell and the records submitted, I was totally taken back to know that everyone is registered for the exam but in their Hall-Ticket it was mentioned as ‘Not Eligible’. In one way, management also lose money when every other student is allowed to register.

When I asked about this to RNS after openly stating it to all in the ‘Thanks giving’ meeting as ‘Sir, I know What you did? But I am not going to say it’.  As I know it will not have any impact and reaction at that time. He was still justifying it saying, It is my prerogative, you better mind your job and I know what I am doing? When I asked him, If the Controller of Examination knows about it, what will you do? He said, who is that? I was puzzled and said, I mean Dr.Shahul Hameed for which he laughed and gave a sarcastic comment. He is just a ……… and real COE is some name who is in Manipal India.  [I didn’t know that for such a long time] Then, I realized my mistake of asking about it to him and then decided not to do anything expect revealing the fact to the final year student and I asked him to write the exam to get the Degree along with his classmates. He was afraid to take the risk since it was mentioned in the hall-ticket as Not Eligible and during the examination if RNS knows about it then I will not be able to get the degree. So, he skipped the end semester exam in June 2011 but appeared in the supplementary October 2011 by paying just AED 250 and cleared the paper with high score of above 70% marks and cleared the paper to get his degree.  When RNS justified his stand to the students father saying he can not clear the paper even if he allow him since the internal mark is less than 15.  Now, How come that is made possible? Mr. Joseph John, the new Chair has to give an explanation to it. Of course, anything is possible in Manipal. He is now busy calling all those students who were stopped and failed during the past years and offering them the opportunity to complete the formalities and get the Degree without coming to college and attending the classes. Students can stay in different country like Oman, Nigeria or any where and still can register for the examination. They just have to come on the day of exam to appear and all other things will be taken care. When that is the case, why to attend class and those who were stopped in my course paper “Principles of Media Management” in June 2011 kindly take note of it and wake up before it is too late. Know your rights and fight for it. Don’t pay extra money to get a worthless Degree from Manipal and you all have the right to complain it to TECOM through Voice it !