Guest Post by Jawad Mohammed

The great Indian dialogue goes something like this:

Q: Why did you kill progressive writers like Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi and Narendra Dabholkar?

A; Why did you not ask this question when Kashmiri Pundits were being killed by the militants?

Q: Why did you kill Mohammed Akhlaq on a mere suspicion that he was having beef in his fridge?

A: Where were you when Kashmiri Pundits were being massacred?

Q: Why did you lynch Noman Akhther when he went to purchase some bullocks in Himachal Pradesh?

A: What about the Kashmiri Pundits being driven out of their homes?

Q: Many writers and intellectuals are returning their awards in protest against the shrinking liberal space in India?

A: Why did these writers not return their awards when Kashmiri Pundits were driven out of their homes?

Q: Why is the PM refusing to speak against the lumpen elements who are bringing a bad name for his government?

A: Why don’t you first talk about the plight of the Kashmiri Pundits.

So friends, please understand that the Kashmiri Pundits are responsible for all the ills now plaguing this great country of ours. It is not my view but the view of the true nationalists who are governing this country today.