The Quint’s Employee Meghnad Bose Accused of Sexual Harassment. 

The Quint’s Employee Meghnad Bose Accused of Sexual Harassment. (Photo: Facebook/Meghnad Bose

Meghnad Bose, a Senior Correspondent at The Quint, has been accused of sexual harassment by his journalism school batchmates. Bose studied at the Asian College of Journalism, ACJ, in Chennai from 2014-2015. At least two women have accused Bose of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour.

The first allegation was made by a journalist on another journalist’s behalf as she wanted to remain anonymous. She claims Bose touched her inappropriately. The incident allegedly took place when they were both journalism students at ACJ.

The Quint tried to reach out to the journalist who made the allegation, but through an intermediary, she expressed the desire not to speak any further.

Another journalist alleged that Bose had ‘bullied and harassed’ women. She also gave a detailed account of a personal incident. The incident happened a year and a half ago.

Another batchmate from ACJ has called him out for being ‘inappropriate’ around women.

Here’s what Meghnad Bose had to say about the allegations:

(The Quint is in the process of ascertaining more details. No direct complaints have been formally lodged at The Quint yet.)