bollywoodBy- Madhavan Narayanan

You can lose your mind or lose your shirt
You can play with Bigg Boss and be the Official Flirt
You can speed at night after a drink or two
You can confuse the nation on the false and the true

You see the Republic of Bollywood is a nation within the nation
You can shake hands with the cops who take you to the police station

You can drive on a pavement, you can take a wrong turn
You can make cops frown and see your rivals burn
You can wave to fans who pray and scream their hearts for you
You can hire lawyers and doctors who’ll say your red is blue

You see the Republic of Bollywood is an island over the land
Your fame is a flying broomstick, your face is a magic wand!

You can go to a courtroom, and it feels like a movie studio
You see cameras all around, mikes thrust for clear audio
Your prosecutor asks questions, like everything was scripted
Your witnesses are extras, while you are the star gifted

Your see the Republic of Bollywood is a film in real life
Your camera is a sharp weapon, your steering wheel a knife

You are the Dabangg Knight, you rescue damsels in distress
Your big-ticket punches makes screen villains confess
You are the Deliverer of Justice, your uniform makes you God
(And in your dancing moments, you can strip to show your bod)

You see the Republic of Bollywood has streets paved with justice
Pity some cars run over them – that is just the way it is!