Tell the killers to come out of hiding; there are more people to kill

Every journalist is another Gauri, come on, there’s more blood to spill


That pistol will not do this time, tell them to bring a machine gun

There are thousands more to kill, can they shoot everyone?


Every time a Gauri dies, in her place, ten new Gauri’s arise

Holding Gauri’s picture up and shouting slogans to the skies


You have awakened the spirit of justice in the hearts of everyone

You have brought this on yourselves; the war for justice has begun


We have no need of guns or bullets, the words we write will do

With truth and justice behind us, we will put an end to you


All over the country and the world, journalists have begun to write

They all endorse all what Gauri said, they will carry on the fight


No matter how many bullets you bring, it won’t be enough

We won’t use guns or bullets, but our resistance will be tough


The pen is our chosen weapon, and the media you can’t control

Every drop of Gauri’s blood, cries for justice for her tortured soul


Our words will hurt like bullets or a sword that stabs your heart

Soon every common man will be aware of your detestable part


This is the beginning of your end, when will you understand?

We will bring you to justice; your hourglass has run out of sand


By-  Ernest Flanagan