After the riots in Gujarat communal riots has taken a different mode in the country. Now, instead of rioting at mass level sponsored are made on a small scale. Then used for disturb the communal harmony. Recent trilokpuri incidence was not communal. But it was later given communal color. For this incidence only BJP is not responsible but every one playes his roll in it. Who had stoped the Congress and AAP to handle the situation? And AAP also did not take any platonic stand in this matter.


Riot Effected Trilok Puri Report

Fact Finding Team Members: Ansar Indori, Siddique kappan, Sunil Kumar

Date :- 30, 31 Oct. and 3 Nov. 2014

Delhi:- In 1976 Triloke Puri J J Coloney had been rehabilated after removing the slum jhuggi area of Ashram, Moti Bagh, Dhoula Kuan, INA, Lajpat Nagar, Kanchan Pari etc. There are 36 blocks in Trilokpuri. 500 houses had been allotted in every block . This area also effected in anti sikh riots 1984 and near about 250 peple from sikh community had been killed. Localitie’s current elected MLA is from AAP and MP from BJP.

There was a commotion in block 20 after a verbal spat on October 22, 2014, which these communal outfits spread into entire neighborhood. It’s said that the sparking incident of this fight was about drinking and consuming beef near the Mata ki Chowki installed temporarily.

There is a public park (Central Park) in block 20 where the garbage of block 20 dump.  There was a toilet 5 or 6 years back at same place. Last year a Jagran was organized here and on 31 Oct. 2014 it was second time. First time after cleaning the garbage Mata ki Chouki placed for 37 or 38 days here.

It’s been said by hindu residents that after drinking alcohol Rizwan passed the urin at Mata ki Chouki, when we resist, then he began to abuse and slapped a boy. There were 10-15 youths standing in block, having talk with them Gourav Talwar tells that Samir Jain sitiing in the car with his friends and having a drink and Seenk Kabab. Samir has two Santro car with taxi No. he took them. After passing 10-15 minuts stone pelting was started from Babloo’s home. Police arrived but unable to do anything, then heavy stone pelting began to start.

Gourav (Complainant) and five others (4 Hindus & 2 Muslims) were arrested by the police on 24 Oct. but after 2 days ACP released them on 10,000 personal bond. Further Gourav stated that he and his brother joint with RSS, when police arrested them his brother called acquaintance joint commissioner (After asking the name of that Joint CP, who was from outside of Delhi, Emphasizing mind he disclosed his name Rathor Sahab.) who was in Triloke Puri Police Station that time, and he said to Gourav’s brother that, ‘’if you earlier informed me, I could manage here but now Kalandara (case Report) prepared. There is no such a big case, ACP will release on bail.

When asked the Gourave that how a little quarrel spread to other places? he replied that this time Hindus were united. We asked that, be united so quikely that next day stone pelting in other blocks started? He told us two facts, first due to Mata ki Chouki friends came from other localities, as friends organized Ganesh Puja in block 18, I used to go there, and they also want to organize Mata ki Chouki, but we refused for this year and conviced them to organized next year. Due to this unity riot spread. Until today we were being beaten up. Second point he stated that an announcement was made from Mousque of block 27 that ‘all muslims are being killed, get all the muslim brother together.’ Further he said that there is central park in block 20, in which children could play cricket but captured by muslims only. No any Hindu can go in this park. Asking the population ratio of Hindus & Muslims he replied that there are 65% Hidus and 35% Muslims. He introduce himself as a minority and said that there are 8 house from the Punjabi community.

There are 95-96% Muslims in sector 27. and there is a road between 27 and 35 blocks, on this road, a heavey stone pelting was reported on the eve of 24 Oct. and 25 Oct. Babbi a resident of block 35 stays on first floor of his house and he is running a grossery shop under his home, stated that stones and bricks were pelted between 27 and 28 blocks. Which were taken after breaking drain’s wall. Few stones were also hit at my shop. We were afraid and hide in the house, even unable to looking outside. We had to bear a big loss due to 6 days closing the shops.

A resident of Block 27, 60 years old Israr khan belongs to Pathan community and retired from Electricity Dept. (DESU) in 2005. After retirement he opened a 3 story garments & shoes shop, in which his 8 workers with his two sons worked there. Israr khan’s shop was burnt at 4 AM on 25 Oct. on which Israr khan invested his whole income and 40 lakhs borroing money. Near about 80 Lakhs Material was burnt. He had no insurance, which was guuted his entire fortune. Israr Khan told that police was present at a little distance but did not help him. Fire brigade arrived two hours late, while both fire stations are only 2-3 k.m. away from my shop. Israr Khan tried to log an FIR but did not success. SHO told him that he’ll log in riot’s report. Israr has sent his complaint to DCP and other concerned officers by a registred mail, in which he mentioned the BJP worker’s names, no FIRs were registered as yet and no action taken against them.

A resident of 27 block 55 years Guntu Khan from Mansoori community runs his scrap and vessel shops in block 28. His scrap shop burned at 2 AM on 26 Oct. while the vessel’s shop was tried to rob by breaking the locks. He also tried to log an FIR but SHO did not register.

40 Years Meena Devi has been living for 40 year in 27 Block and has a son and two daughters. Son namely Prem Prakash is working as electritioan in Laxmi Nagar and if someone called him for personal electrical problem he also sort out in the area. They did not have any problem in these years. When asked her that has he seen this situation before? After recalling her mind Meena Devi told that in Indra’s time 1984 it happened, after that nothing ever happened. We Hindus and Muslims all live together peacefully.

Munni Devi has been living here since 1980, she sells women’s garment in weekly market. Her husband is a tailor and works in Pandav Nagar. She has a son and three daughters, all are studying in school. She stated that yet we have no problem. All the families are living peaceful here, only this time such quarrels happened. Due to it shops are not being opened and my husband could not work even for 3 days.

We met with some social workers who works for Hindu-Muslims unity. They stated that ‘’we were going to arrang a meeting for both communities. After some time we came to know by someone that meeting will be held in P.S. Trilok Puri. When we reached there duty officer refused to give us any information about it’’.

A resident of block 26 Kanta Mahra has a tea stal outside police station. Mrs Mahra had a Jhuggi in INA New Delhi. During the partition her family had come from Lahor, Pakistan. Her husband Hans Raj Mahra also used to sell the tea here. She stated that after 1984 there was no any problem here, everthing was cool. Due to cufew I was not able to open my tea stal. But when led to starve I opend the shop. At the same place we met a resident of 27 blocks Mr. Paltan who was retired from DESU and has been living here for 35 years. He  stated that he is the only Hindu in his street But he did not seem to ever live in the Muslim neighborhood. We use to celebrate each other’s festivals. All muslim brothers participate in our children’s marriges with very heartly. A big tragedy happened in 1984 after that there were little quarrels taken place, but it was not happened even 10-15 years.

There are 80 % Muslims & 20 Hindus in block 15 and one mousque and three 3 temples. Heavy stone pelting reported in this locality and several people were injured.  Several Muslims were also arrested from this block. Shabana’s nefew’s Aqika (Birth Ceremoney of a Child after 7 days) canceled due to riots. Police forcefully entered into the house and arrested Bilal (19), Irfan(32), Azhar(19) and Sajid(35 ). They were brutally beaten up by the police due to it Bilal’s finger, Irfan’s hand and Sajid’s ankle got fracture. Further Shabana said that even police did not allow us to meet with them, we met in Tihar Jail and police shown their arresting from block 27.

Block 15 resident Mohammad Shamshad said that I called police 25-30 times but police was not receiving the call. Same block’s another resident Alimuddin belongs to Bulandshar UP, and he is a E-Riksha driver. He was brutally beaten up by the police, due to it the black marks on his body could be seen. He said that many outsider people were throing the stones around his locality and police was standing 100 mtrs away but not coming. When local residents informed the ACP then he came with force.

Block 15 resident Mohammad Akhtar lives with his family and he is a motor machenic. Police arrested him between 2-2.30 pm. Akhtar got injuries in his hand and back. He has four chindren. His wife borroed some monety from someone then went to meet with him. Police has arrested a persone who was not a local resident, he came here to distribute the ceremony cards in their relatives. As the same police arrested Khurshid (60) and his son Jabir(17 a Garment Selesman).

Ramjan Mishra a DESU retired is a resident of block 15, who is known as a Panditji in the locality. When the rioters proceeded to throw stones in their street then he closed the street’s main gate and stood with folded hands in front of rioters and said to violent mob that “hit us first then go ahead”. By doing this Panditji save his street. Now Punditi is the subject of discussion foh his bravry in the locality. When Panditji was asked that he recognizes the rioters then he replied that “all were outsiders (from other blocks)”.

15 Block’s residents say that after surrounding the area rioters were throing the stones and headed by Ashok of 14 blocks. Who is a motor mechanic.

A residence of block 20 Nafisa is a widow. And survives with her children by selling polythene. On 23 Oct. at 8 pm she was coming to her home, at that time stones were thrown due to it she got injured and then her hand was fratured due to brutally beaten up by the police.

Mohammad Mohsin (22) S/o Mohammad Raees lives in block 20 working as motor painter. Mohsin got married 7 months back and time of arresting he was coming from in-law’s home in Meerut. Police did not allow family to meet him. Then they met him in Tihar Jail. Mohsin’s both hand were injured.

20 years Sonu S/0 Khurshid have an agg’s shop. He has been arrested from mousque and brutally beaten up there by the police till unconsciousness. Sonu recently got married and had a reception that time.

A resident of block 20 Wahidan (70) unable to speak clearly. Becouse of her old age she is unable to walk properly. Police forcely entered into her house no 410 and beaten up her and brock the stuffs. When her douther in law tried to resist them, police (5 Male, 3 Female) also beat her again.

Another resident of same block Sangita said that Muslims objected to set up the Chouki. We planned to set up Mata ki Chouki and clean the place so this place remain clean. When garbage was picked up, heavy smell spread. There were bugs in rainy weather. There is a Staue of Bajranbali, Muslims eat buffalos and intentionally throw his shit here to annoy us. Some Muslim women came and said that “if Mata ki Chouki would be put, then we’ll remind you chourasi (Sikh Riots)”. Muslim boys fired three round. In whom two were arrested and one fled. Our street resident Rizwan had drink and meat and he was going to touch our temple and abusing. There was a commotion in block 20 after a verbal spat. He slaped a 15 years boy after that we resist, then his wife came and took him. We called the police, and police made a compromise, but did not register the complaint. Bricks and bottoles were recovered from Roof of the Muslim’s houses, they had the whole planning. We used to off the loudispeaker at the time of their prayer(Namaz). Deepu’s wife got fractured in her hand. When we asked her “how she got hurt?”, she replied ‘at the time of stone pelting she got hurt’. Where were the people’s representatives? Snagita said that Ex. MLA Sunil Vaidh and Ramchandra Gujrati came and helped us. Today (Oct. 31) current AAP’s MLA came, whom we turened around. Sangita and Monu said that from childhood we had been beaten up, and never rised a voice but this time we awoke on Mata ki Chouki issue.

In a video clip near about 300-400 youth are shouting the ‘Bam Bam bhole, Har Har Mahadev, and Balmiki Shakti amar rahe’. These youths were mobilized behind the Balmiki Mandir which is 50 mtrs away from Ex BJP MLA Sunil Vaidh’s home. (There was a hording dispaying a massage about completion of 50 Years of Vishv Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal on 17 Aug. followed by Shobha Yatra from Trilokpuri’s 1 Block to 36 Block.) Sunil Vaidh reached in this violent crowd and hardly stayed 25-30 mnts, at the same time he received a call and talked for 7-8 mnts (Due to lot of noice Sunil Vaidh’s voice was not cleared) and he left.

In another video clip, 150-200 youth(some had Stick put a Tilak on forhead and some had sword in hands) can be seen shouting the slogans ‘Pakistan Murdabad, Pakistan ki Ma ki…..’ and sprinting arrond on the road.


After the riots in Gujarat communal riots has taken a different mode in the country. Now, instead of rioting at mass level sponsored are made on a small scale. Then used for disturb the communal harmony. Recent trilokpuri incidence was not communal. But it was later given communal color. For this incidence only BJP is not responsible but every one playes his roll in it. Who had stoped the Congress and AAP to handle the situation? And AAP also did not take any platonic stand in this matter.

  • If block 20’s qurrel was not organised then how did it reach in other blocks?
  • Where were the elected representatives (MPs, MLAs and councelers) ?
  • What did Sunil Vaidh say to the violent mob in a short time that took ?
  • 27, 15 blocks didn’t indulge in stoning, then where were the actual perpetrators from, and who were they actually?
  • Why only Muslim’s shops were burnt, if a Muslims mob was instigated by so-called Masjid announcment?
  • Why did police release the miscreant who started all this by creating a fight in Block 20? Who was behind this release?
  • Who is Joint Commissioner Rathore, who spoke to Gaurav Talwar’s brother?
  • What was police doing during the continued arson and why did the fire brigade vehicles reach after two hours?
  • Why did the police not register FIRs regarding the burnt shops?