Dear “friends” from ABVP
if you like it
or not
we want to ask you something
First of all, tell us
Where is Najeeb Ahmed ?
what did you with him?
where is Najeeb?
We also want to ask you
than to anyone
Where is Najeeb ?
we want to ask you
tell us looking at the eyes of Fathima
Najeeb’s mother
tell us that
you don’t know where is Najeeb
We also know
that you had a hand in Rohit Vemula’s murder
but you were “clever”
since your uncles are in the government
but let me tell you
the shadows of rohit will hunt you from the stars
it will hunt everyone of you
You attacked girls
You raided students hostels and attacked
you even attacked your professors
who are you not against?
Dalit students?
Muslim students?
Girls students ?
Adivasi students?
Sexual minorities?
Students from Kashmir?
or students who even looked like them?
Students from the North Eastern states?
all students who don’t agree with you ?
Students who decent?
Everyone else who is not your member?
Who are you not against?
Is there any, you don’t want to attack
you don’t want to silence?
We, are not you
what will you do to us?
what can you do to us?
we all are grass
Even if you burn us
we will grow back
more in number faster and faster
we will grow back, on everything
that is trying to destroy us
We are grass, we will grow back, on everything.