By Abu Zafar 10/3/12,

NEW DELHI – Accusing jail authorities of committing gross violation of human rights, a terror accused jailed in a Uttar Pradesh prison has written a letter to his counsel saying that he has no option other than committing suicide.

A Unani Doctor Tarique Qasmi, who has been jailed in Lucknow prison for his alleged involvement in court blasts at Lucknow and Faizabad, in a letter written to his counsel expounded that how terror accused are being subjected to torture and humiliations.

“There are much of humiliations, cruelty and biasness against us; and we don’t find any other option than committing suicide.” the letter reads.

“The inmates are suffering from various diseases like sightlessness, due to prolonged lock-up inside the cell.” he continues.

“Not a single magistrate or senior officer has visited us since last six months. They (jail officials) have fear that we would complain against them. Even our application not being transferred to senior officials.” he said.

“Many of us are extremely frustrated by officials’ non- adherence to jail manuals. Some of us are even asking permission to commit suicide as we are deprived of basic human rights.” Qasmi writes.

Petition filed:

Qasmi’s lawyer Mohamad Shoeb told Newzfirst that he has approached the political leadership and Muslim clerics over the issue; a petition also has been filed in the District Court of Lucknow on 28 September in this regard.

Abdul Hameed Nomani, secretary, Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind said that his organization is looking for more details on the issue. However he discouraged the idea of committing suicide as it goes against basic tenets of Islam.

“They can protest through democratic means like hunger strike; Islam doesn’t allow suicide at any cost.” Nomani told Newzfirst.

Controversial arrests:

Though the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh arrested Tarique Qasmi on 12 December 2007 from Azamgarh, his arrest was shown after 10 days from the Barabanki Railway Station.

Later the Police had claimed that it arrested the suspects -Tarique Qasmi and Khalid Mujahid – for their alleged involvement in the blasts at Faizabad and Lucknow courts on 23 November 2007 wherein several people had lost the lives. Police also alleged them of being members of a terror organization HUJI.

Inquiry Commission:

Following the massive protests by the people of Uttar Pradesh against the duo, the then Mayawati government had formed a Commission to probe the arrests.

Though the Commission has submitted its report to the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on 3 September 2012, the Government has not yet made the findings public.