Jaipur, April 30

Feroze Ahmed Ghane, was picked up on the April 10th evening after sun down from close to the Railway Station and kept along with two other Kashmiris in the Sadar Thana lockups. He was beaten up black and blue.

.He was taken to a doctor, who did not care to see his bruises, this is not the first time, or care to ask Feroze Ahmed Ghane, what his situation was. He along with others was granted bail and were sent home. You would recall, that I had called you that day, regarding this and you had enquired and informed us that they had been released.

Today the boy Feroze Ahmed Ghane, was in acute pain and dizzy when he called us through journalists.

PUCL who got a letter from him, in a complaint to the Police commissioner said that He is very unwell. Needs to be shown to a doctor. The bruises on his body, as seen in the pictures taken on the 11th show how badly he was beaten.

The Hasanpura Chowki, incharge, Manoj did reach him today, after the social media hungama. The boy Feroze, shared everything, but nothing has been done as yet, like calling an ambulance.

PUCL urged the authorities to ensure that he is shown immediately to the hospital. And an Xray or CT scan of the head done. As he could not even walk properly and was feeling sick.

Condemning the xenophobic and anti Kashmiri fervour, with which they decided to abuse them and hit them, which is definitely a crime. All forms of torture, verbal, non verbal, physical and emotional, mental torture come under the form of custodial torture.

PUCL demanded strict action, be taken including filing of criminal cases, against the culprits. The SHO should be immediately held responsible and action taken against them.