Last December we told you about a bloody confrontation between striking oil workers and the government in Kazakhstan.
Six months have passed, and instead of investigating what happened and seeking a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the authorities have cracked down hard.
Many people have been placed on trial and sentenced to prison, there have been allegations of torture, and the government continues to punish people for the “crime” of “calling for social strife”.
It’s time for this to stop, and for the prison sentences to be reconsidered, for the cases of torture to be investigated, and for repressive legislation to be repealed.
The International Trade Union Confederation, together with national labour centres in Russia and Kazakhstan, has launched an online campaign of protest.
We need thousands of trade unionists around the world to take the time — and it’s only a minute — to send of their letters of protest.
And please forward this email to your fellow union members.  Spread the word – build the campaign!