By Sayed Isthiyakh 7/23/12, Newzfirst


RANCHI – The tribal villagers in Jharkhand Sunday decided to observe statewide bandh against the ongoing forceful land acquisition by the state government to build the Indian Institute of Management and National University for Study and Research in Law (NUSRL) campuses.

In a meeting held by the villagers of about 35 villages surrounding Nagri village, where government is forcefully acquiring 227 acres of farmland that belongs to poor tribals, unanimously decided to observe one day ‘Jharkhand Bandh’ on 25 July.

“The distressed tribals and social movements, who have been protesting against government’s bid to grab their home and agricultural land will now observe statewide bandh on 25 July against the gross injustice.” Dayamani Barla, tribal leader and social activist told Newzfirst.

“We appeal and will seek support from all other likeminded people and organizations including political parties.”  she said.

After Ranchi High Court’s refusal to stop the land acquisition at the Nagri village, the villagers had even approached Supreme Court, which did not even admit the plea.

On asking will this move not amounts to contempt of court, “The chief justice of high court is the head of the University for which land is being acquired. Government is hell-bent to acquire the land. What option do the tribals have?” asks Barla.

She also accused Government of violating constitutional rights of the tribal villagers by not holding Gram Sabha (Public Hearing) and by not seeking the consent from the Tribal Advisory Council (TAC), which is mandatory for the land acquisition.