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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: How Delisting is Polarising Tribals; Will it Impact Upcoming Polls?

Posted On March 31, 2024 A deep rift has arisen among STs. They are being divided into two camps in the name of tradition, culture, religion and heritage.  Tarique Anwar New Delhi: Delisting, which aims to strip converted tribals of… Continue Reading →

Caste-based discrimination: A call for equality and change

Posted On March 5, 2024 The caste system, the world’s oldest surviving social hierarchy, has left an indelible mark on societies, particularly in Nepal. Stemming from distinctions in professional roles that often lead to the derogation of certain professions, the… Continue Reading →

50,000 Dalits in Gujarat to Embrace Buddhism on Ambedkar Jayanti in One of the Largest Conversion Ceremonies Ever Seen

Posted On February 6, 2024 On April 14, a momentous mass conversion ceremony is set to take place in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar, wherein approximately 50,000 Dalits from various cities and towns will formally adopt Buddhism and renounce Hinduism. The event,… Continue Reading →

Bihar: How Muasahar Women Rewriting History With Small But Steady Efforts

Posted On February 2, 2024 Door to acceptance is opening for thousands who have long lived on the fringes of society. Tarique Anwar Patna— Prerna is not a profit-oriented institute. Founded by Padma Shri Sudha Verghese, who has devoted herself… Continue Reading →

3,200+ activists and citizens from across India Appeal to President to
visit Manipur and safeguard rights of violated Kuki-Zo women

Request her to ensure accountability of all authorities and restoration of peace and justice in the strife-torn state 23 rd July, 2023: National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), along with over 3,200 +activists, academics, artists, retired bureaucrats and concerned citizens,… Continue Reading →

After 63 Days In Jail Under Anti-Terrorism Law For Poem On Defiance, Assam Poet Now Writes Odes To Love

SANSKRITA BHARADWAJ 28 Jun 2023 12 min read For a poem she posted on Facebook in 2022, Assam teen Barshashree Buragohain was arrested and jailed for two months under India’s draconian anti-terror law, widely used against protestors or dissidents, with… Continue Reading →

Where do we end up?’: Transgender students fighting for an inclusive-safe campus

Posted On June 23, 2023 ‘Threats to her safety’ as Jenna begins to assert her identity in clothing and socially Ashna Bhutani “It was a few months ago when I started to change socially and medically. I wanted to stay… Continue Reading →

Sidelined from academia, India’s Dalits archive caste history

Posted On June 23, 2023 Despite a ban on discrimination and quotas mandating Dalit inclusion in education and government, caste-based discrimination remains widespread in India Vijay Surwade may have worked as a bank manager by day – but for five… Continue Reading →

Victims, Experts Highlight Prime Minister Modi’s Human Rights Record at Washington Press Conference

Washington, D.C. (June 21, 2023) – At a Press Conference hosted today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., victims of Indian government persecution and human rights experts called on the Biden administration to hold Indian Prime Minister Narendra… Continue Reading →

Modi Visit Protests and other Actions in D.C. and New York

Access information on Events, Protests, Rallys, Teach-ins and more June 21st Morning – RALLY AT THE UNITED NATIONS Show Modi that NYC does not stand with him and Hindutva JUNE 21st Evening NYC FUNDRAISER a gathering that highlights the growing… Continue Reading →

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