Source :SIFYBy :Ashley Tellis

Last Updated: Tue, Aug 25, 2015

Shubhradeep Chakravorty who died on August 25 last year as much of a brain haemorrhage as of the humiliation and harassment from the Central Board of Film  Certification and the Hindutva forces, was an extraordinary man who built his  extraordinariness through ordinary, frequently rotten, circumstances.

Shubhradeep’s most recent film In Dino Muzaffarnagar has still not received  clearance from the Censor Board (Meera Choudhury, his surviving partner, is  fighting for it) and was not allowed to be screened after it was made in the run-up to the BJP Modi government coming to power.  Once the BJP came to power, the fate of the film was sealed.

This was not the first time Shubhradeep fell foul of the Hindutva forces. He was  attacked at screenings of his previous films and yet nothing would prevent him from  getting the film to as many people as possible. He died trying to do that. He will be  remembered mainly as an intrepid documentary film-maker but his attitude to  everything in his life might be called intrepid.As a child, he suffered from congenital cataract, a condition which prevents most  children affected by it from getting even a primary education but Shubhradeep not only studied till postgraduation, he also read reams and reams of research and made films, all the while letting nobody even know that even after his operation in adulthood, reading, using his eyes in general, was always a constraint.

Chakravorty was born to Bengali parents and his father, posted in various parts of North India, eventually settled in Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Shubhradeep fought humiliation and mockery in school because of his eye condition, grew up in the sparse and unimaginative context of eastern Uttar Pradesh, struggling against conservative mores to run a theatre group (he actually started a chapter of IPTA in Faizabad) and with his over-protective mother to eventually run away from small-town Faizabad to big, bad Delhi.

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