The music performance will be held in Central Park, Jaipur, which offers free and open entry to all.

“God Has No Religion.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When asked if he was a Hindu, Gandhiji said, “Yes, I am. I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.”

We are pleased to invite you to a multicultural musical evening on January 30th, 2020, (Martyr’s Day). Gandhiji’s commitment to a secular India and a belief that real faith did not discriminate between religions, were principles that underlined both the preamble and the Indian Constitution. These principles were mandated by the Constituent Assembly, and
endorsed by “We, the people of India” as the basic principles of our polity, when we gave ourselves our Constitution. This Martyr’s Day comes at a critical time to reaffirm our belief – as a nation for whom fraternity, solidarity, and harmony between communities is our culture,
and will continue to be our national ethos.

In Rajasthan, we join together to pay tribute to the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on the day he was killed for his unwavering commitment to these principles. This event is being organised by the Government of Rajasthan with civil society groups, coming together in ‘Sangati: Gandhiji Ki Yaad Mein Sarvdharm Sangeet Sandhya’ to sing and draw strength from
the huge multicultural musical heritage of this nation. There will be Bhajans, Qawwalis, Hymns, Gurbani, Carnatic and Hindustani classical, and movement songs and other syncretic musical traditions from across India.

There will also be some poetry, and readings from Gandhiji.
The music performance will be held in Central Park, Jaipur, which offers free and open entry to all.
This is a special request to all of you to join us and affirm the idea of India for which Gandhiji
sacrificed his life.
Looking forward to your presence.

A list of people who have confirmed participation is listed below:

  1. T.M Krishna
  2. Sangeetha Sivakumar
  3. Vinay and Charul
  4. Members of the Langa and Manganiyar Communities
  5. Prahlad Tipppaniya

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