Lieutenant Governor of Delhi


Police Commissioner, Delhi

October 26, 2014

We the undersigned and many other citizens of Delhi are deeply concerned about the role and steps taken by the police in the process of restoring communal peace and harmony, and ensuring legal justice, following the recent communal tensions in Trilok Puri, Delhi.

We are worried by reports that many young men are being illegally detained for long periods, and political representatives of one segment of the young men are being permitted to enter the police stations, whereas other lawyers and senior activists are not being permitted to enter the police stations. Rightly or wrongly, this has created an impression of communal and political bias and a lack of fairness. This is not conducive to restoring peace in the area.

We therefore demand that the local police are firmly instructed to function in ways that are transparent, bipartisan and fair. We further demand that all persons who are detained in connection with the violence are presented before a magistrate, and due and fair process of law not only followed but seen to be followed by all affected people.

We further demand that medical tests are done of all injured persons, and that family members and lawyers are permitted to meet the detained persons.


Yours sincerely


Signed on behalf of



Amit Srivastava

Anam Khan, Advocate, Human Rights law Network

Apoorvanand, academician

Areeb Rizvi

Asad Ashraf, Aman Biradari

Ashok Kumar Boudh

Ashutosh Kumar-JNUSU

Aslam Ahmed

Asrarul haque Jeelani

Chunni lal

Devendra Bharti

Dipak Dholakia

DR Rahul

Dvijendra Nath Kalia


Ghazala jamil

Harsh Mander, writer, social activist, Centre for Equity Studies

Imkar Mittal

Jamal Kidwai

Jameer Abbas

Jaya Sharma, NoMore campaign

Jitendram- JNU

Kavita Krishnan

Kiran Shaheen

Kripal Singh

Lesley Esteves


Manisha Sethi, JTSA

Manoj Kumjar

Mohd Zakir Riyaz

Mukul Dube

Mukul Priyadarshi



ND Pancholi, advocate

Nusrat jahan

Poorva Bhardwaj, social activist


Rajni Tilak

Rakhi Gupta


Santosh Kumar- sanhati


Satya Sidhartha Pawar

Saurabh Naruka

Shabnam Hashmi, social activist, ANHAD

Shaoor Khan

Shefali & Sanjeev

Shipra Nigam

Subhash Kumar

Sucheta de

Sundaram, CNDP

Syed Mujtaba Athar


Tanweer Fazal

Tara Negi

Tariq Adeeb, Advocate, Human Rights law Network

Varsha Mehta


Zafar Eqbal

Zulekha jabin, Social activist


For any correspondence: Kiran Shaheen: 9818065092, Harsh Mander- 9810523018, Shabnam Hashmi-9811807558

Apoorvanand- [email protected]

C-5, Nizamuddin West basement, New Delhi-110013/ 41670722