Ananya S Guha

One understands the euphoria after being chosen as a Chief Minister. And that too after defeating the likes of Manik Sarkar’s party. But the aftermath of the win should be marked by sobriety, work and what they repeat almost nauseatingly : good governance.Now the question is: Does governance mean talking about beauty contests held twenty years back or more, and compare one beauty pageant with another? Does it mean raking up issues like this, hurting sentiments and read, enraging people? Does it also mean pseudo scientific expressions, the internet existing in the Mahabharata? There cannot be an iota of doubt that ancient India was the cradle of a nurtured and sophisticated civilization. That science, mathematics and astrology not only progressed, but the intellectual wave surround their epistemology is a historical marker.We are proud of it. However history has recorded annals, and we need not go into flights of fancy to throw history into the backwaters. When history clashes with fairy tale fantasy, it ceases to be a veritable force in the domain of extant knowledge. By deliberately creating such warped thinking, our leaders are deviating from present realities. By positing unverified truths, they are trying to capture an infantile imagination. And, if that imagination begins to believe such untruths, there can be only witch craft and superstition. This is what is happening in the country.

The same Chief Minister, almost with bated breath, in his exultation of new found discovery goes on to say that the Buddha traversed countries like Burma and Japan. What is history for, if we are creating it every moment, without research and reading? Do they they think that it can be created out of the magic wand of a jinn? The same leader’s views on self employment are so jejune and infantile I think they are not worth commenting upon. True there are not enough government jobs, but does that mean the youth will not attempt in trying to get them?

That is one section of the present dispensation of our leaders. The others are the more iniquitous ones. What’s in a rape says one? Amidst all this professed love for Harijans the ruling party asks its members to go into one Harijan house and have a meal. Apart from such bizarre tokenism, as Tavleen Singh would call it, the Minister orders food from outside! This is flagrant disrespect and brutal insensitivity.

The professed love is untrue. The love is for the ballot. It is now more than academic interest whether this ballot box would remain in the clutches of the present dispensation, at least those pertaining to the Harijans, who must have seen the kick ass of such petty games.

So Ministers Chief or whatever, do some reading, and do not gambol with ideas which even the worst fantasist would not deign to speak. In your love for the past and history, do not destroy them by building totally false tabernacles of an already vilified past.

Spare the past please. Look to the present. Don’t take recourse to CBI inquiries ( the latest dogma) after heinous crimes have been created. Go, by the laws of the land. See what is happening in Kashmir. If some of the politicians can campaign for elections, in a state not theirs why can’t they go to Kashmir and offer services there? The other fad is saying something abominable and then defended by: ” that is his personal view”, So you can say anything without thinking of their political and social ramifications.

So we will come back to that ruthless and indiscriminate arbiter: history. It will tell its truths for the future, based on its inexorable laws. Those who quarrel with it now are already paying a heavy price, and may pay heavier ones in future.