Trump supporters shouted slurs at a gay man from Canada who was in a Santa Monica, CA bar Tuesday night watching Trump win the Presidential election, and upon leaving the bar, the man says, these supporters attacked him.

Calgary filmmaker Chris Ball said that he was watching the election results when supporters of the Republican candidate began to lob epithets.  ‘We got a new president you fucking faggots,” they said, Ball told Metro Calgary.

When Ball left the bar alone later in the night, Trump supporters followed him to an alley way and assaulted him, Ball said. The last thing he remembers before awaking bloody on the pavement was having a beer bottle smashed over his head. Friends took him to the hospital.

Photo via Ball's Facebook profile

Photo via Ball’s Facebook profile

In the emergency room Ball received five staples in his head — he also posted pictures from the E.R. to refute accusations on Facebook that a picture posted immediately after the attack was faked.

On Wednesday Ball assured his Facebook friends and followers: “Thank you everyone for the support and good vibes. Just wanted to say I’m alive and well. And still very gay”