On 8 January 2020 evening, I attended a Concord, New Hampshire town hall for presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and raised signs regarding her association with the Nazi-inspired RSS paramilitary. I was immediately violently assaulted by Gabbard campaign thugs, who attacked me for quietly and peacefully holding signs reading “Tulsi: Mascot of India’s KKK” and “Tulsi Whitewashes India’s KKK.”

Before that point, I was silent and doing nothing but holding signs. I was joined by five other people doing the same thing. I am glad they were not similarly attacked, but I find it very strange that I was the only one assaulted.

The people who attacked me have been identified as Gabbard’s Deputy National Campaign Director, Caitlin Pomerantz, and volunteer Daniel Martinez.

I was violently tugged, yanked, pushed, shoved — even tackled at one point as Mr. Martinez wrapped his arms around me to force me to move. I was knocked off balance and pushed off my feet at one point. Mr. Martinez can even be seen balling up his fist against my back as he grips my coat and violently forces me out of the room in a manner reminiscent of a bouncer. I am suffering from psychological trauma as well as physical pain after the assault. My back and neck hurt, my spine feels misaligned, and I have been having difficulty eating or sleeping while enduring headaches and flashbacks.

I have filed a police report with New Hampshire State Police. I am hoping to press charges.
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