Is the story of Rabiya is not worthy of national media attention?
Scene of immense brutality: 42-year-old Rabiya killed for resisting rape attempt

ALLAHABAD: Another case of attempt to rape has come to fore wherein a Muslim teacher was the latest victim.

The incident took place in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh district of Pratapgarh.

According to media reports, the 42-year-old victim identified as Rabiya is a resident of Kotwali area of Pratapgarh district.

She was employed as a teacher in nearby English Medium School. It is being told that the female teacher was divorced and used to stay alone in a rented house while her family lived in Delhi.

On late Saturday night, half a dozen people barged into her house and wanted to gang rape her. When she resists and did not allow the accused to succeed in their attempt, they mutilated her legs and hands with iron rods and repeatedly stabbed her causing massive internal injuries.

When the neighbours heard the screaming, they ran towards Rabiya’s house. Seeing the neighbors approaching, the accused fled the spot.


As the neighbors arrived in the house they were stunned by the scene of immense brutality. The extent of the injuries suffered by Rabiya is horrific.

Rabiya’s body was soaked in blood with broken hands and legs swinging. The injuries on her body was so deep that flesh is visible.

The villagers immediately informed to the police. After receiving the information, the police rushed the spot and took her to the district hospital. The doctors, after looking at her critical condition referred her to Allahabad. While undergoing treatment at Allahabad’s SRN Hospital, Rabiya succumbed to her injuries.

According to SP Pratapgarh investigating the matter, two accused identified as Dabang Guddu Pasi and Madan Pasi have been arrested and assured the rest four accused will soon be in the custody.

Locals told that Guddu and Madan were habitual offenders and used to molest every young girl or older women in the village and threatened to kill them if they protest.

The villagers also accused the police and claim that they raised the issue and complained many times but their complaints were ignored by them. If only the police acted on time, the teacher would be alive today.

Can’t believe the media silence on this story. Only Hindi media has reported it.

Rabiya and Nirbhaya is both India’s daughter. Does difference of religion differ justice.

When there is communal and divisive story, the mainstream media pops up and even the minor issue gets a nationalwide coverage.

Is the story of Rabiya is not worthy of national media attention?

These are two incidents of sexual harassment but Rabiya’s story found little or no space or maybe not worthy of national media attention.