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Ugandan woman testifies in court: 'Somnath Bharti led the people who attacked me'
Click to Expand & PlayDelhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti arguing with police officers during a ‘midnight raid’ on January 15.

New Delhi A Ugandan woman has identified Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti as the man who led the  ‘midnight raid’ at her house last week, in a statement recorded in front of a magistrate today.

“We were attacked on Wednesday night by Indians who were led by Somnath Bharti. They are claiming we are blacks and we should leave their country. We were harassed, we were beaten, they had long sticks (sic) and they said we should leave their country or they’ll kill us one by one. We don’t know if being black is a crime,” she told reporters after recording her statement.

The Ugandan woman also said it was Mr Bharti’s muffler and his appearance on TV the next day that helped her identify him. “I identified Somnath Bharti because he came in the night then the next day I saw him on television. He was still putting on what I saw last night.”

The Delhi Police had registered a First Information Report (FIR) against unknown people on Sunday, following a complaint by the Ugandan nationals. Mr Bharti was not named in the FIR. (AAP’s ‘midnight raid’: FIR lodged against unknown people)

In a complaint filed in the Saket court on Saturday, the woman had alleged that a group of people from a political party forcibly entered her house in south Delhi and molested her. While she didn’t name any individual or a political party, she told the court that she could identify the men

Mr Bharti, who has been heavily slammed for what many described as vigilantism, vehemently denied any wrongdoing on the part of workers of his Aam Aadmi Party who were present during that raid.

Mr Bharti had, aided by some residents and supporters accosted four women from Uganda during the raid on a building in Khirki Extension, which is in his constituency in south Delhi.

At least two were allegedly forced to go to hospital and undergo drug tests. The minister justified raid saying drugs and sex were allegedly being trafficked there.

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