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UK banking chief notes concern over biometric authentication

The chief of the UK’s Treasury Select Committee has written to banking regulators asking them to consider the implications of biometric data storage.

Andrew Tryie wants the regulators to look into consequences surrounding stolen biometric data.

In a letter to industry and government, he said, “Banks and regulators will need to plan for what they will do if biometric details are lost and/or illegally obtained by third parties.” He asked regulators if they shared his concerns, and he went on to say plans would need to be developed to deal with customers who may be victims of biometric hacks.

The comments follow a investigation into underground cybercrime by Kaspersky Labs in which the firm says it found at least 12 sellers offering ATM skimmers capable of stealing fingerprints.http://www.planetbiometrics.com/article-details/i/5059/desc/uk-banking-chief-notes-concern-over-biometric-authentication/

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  1. The concern on biometric system raises the safety standard of the system. Enquiry should be carried about the morons and cons of the continuation of this system.

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