Mar 24 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
A police sub-inspector reportedly thrashed a 15year-old boy with his belt after the minor’s father failed to cough up a bribe of Rs 15,000 to intervene in a dispute he got into with another kid.According to reports, Aman Kumar, a student of Class X, had a row with another boy his age and the matter reached the police. Even after the issue was solved amicably between the two families, SI Narendra Kumar of Subhash Nagar police station refused to let Aman’s family leave and demanded Rs 15,000 for “facilitating“ the settlement.

When the boy’s father expressed his inability to pay the amount, the inspector, in a fit of rage, whipped the boy around 25 times with his belt.Aman was badly injured and fainted as a result of the beating. He is being treated at a private hospital here.

Virendra Kumar, the victim’s father, is a city sanitation worker. He said that on Sunday evening his son got into a tiff with another boy .“The other boy accused Aman of snatching his watch and Rs 800 cash. Both were taken to the police and we were called at around 9pm,“ said Kumar. Both the families worked out a settlement.

However, even then the cop demanded money .