An 18-year-old girl succumbed to her kidney-related ailment in UP’s Baghpat due to the absence of transport that could take her to a hospital amid the lockdown. Even the local police couldn’t help arrange a vehicle to transport her body for postmortem. Her family had to eventually ferry her last remains in a bullock cart.

According to the father of the deceased, “My daughter suffered from kidney ailment. She suffered intense pain in the early hours of Monday. Since it was lockdown, we could not get any transport to take her to the district hospital.

She died after suffering for a few hours.”

Baghpat station house officer Arvind Kumar Singh said, “Initially, we received information about a suspected murder. Our team reached the house but we could not find any evidence of killing. The girl had a medical history. The postmortem report also later confirmed it was a natural death.”

Asked if her body was ferried in a bullock cart, the SHO said, “It was a challenge for the picket incharge, who despite calling the emergency ambulance helpline 108 many times, could not arrange for an ambulance. Hence, the local team arranged a bullock cart and got the postmortem done.”