The UP Government announces sterilisation targets for Azamgarh District for the months Novermber and December:


According to the letter issued by the Chief Medical Officer (Azamgarh), dated 30.10.2012, number P.K. Camp/2012-2013/14896-03

  • The target for sterilisation announced for the district of Azamgarh for the months of April-November 2012 was 23085.
  • The targets met by the government in the month of November 507.
  • The sterilisation camp locations and dates along with the doctors responsible for conducting operations have also been announced through this letter.
  • The CHCs and PHCs can organize additional sterilisation camps as per their convenience.
  • Third and forth camps have been deemed as ‘special camps’

There are clear directives and indications to show that the states governments announcing targets for family planning in various states, like in the district of Azamgarh. This approach is clearly is not aligning with the National Population Policy (2000) which specifically talks about bottom up planning and community needs assessment approach.

It is urgent that a vigil is kept on these camps. This is possible such information and letters are circulated among all of widely.

It is an appeal from the Coalition Against Two-Child Norm and coercive Population Policies that such news and orders if widely circulated will help generate momentum to the advocacy against coercive family planning programmes in India.

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The original letter as cited above is attached herewith.

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